John Wilson signs off at WTVT, after 50 years in news…

Veteran anchor John Wilson sgined off at WTVT, on tonight’s 6 p.m. newscast. His final hour-long show featured words of praise from leaders in the Tampa Bay area, politicians, legal officials, CEO’s, sports figures and many more.

He delivered his final newscast surrounded by family and friends who came to watch at the station. After handing over the reigns to his son Mark Wilson, who will take over for Dad as lead male anchor for the 6 and 11pm newscasts, he spoke directly to the viwers.

Referring the languages spoken in the many countries in which he has reported from, John Wilson ended his final newscast with the following statement:

“So it’s done. Deep breath time,” he paused, voice catching. “Au revoir as I heard in Normandy, auf wiedersehen in Germany, hasta la vista in Cuba, and in Moscow, do svidaniya. Until we meet again, for we surely will. Thank you for watching, and on behalf of all of us here at Fox 13, I’m John Wilson. Goodnight, and farewell.”

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11 2014

TMZ honors the retiring John Wilson…

Check out the video below as the folks at the syndicated TMZ honor and poke a little fun at the retiring John Wilson.

TMZ is syndicated daily at 7 pm, following the 6pm news hour. John Wilson is retiring tomorrow 11/26/14 after 50 years in television.


11 2014

Danny Treanor praises former boss Jeff Day…

(edited from – Jeff Day may be out at News 13, but former fellow meteorologist Danny Treanor  says that his contributions to the cable news channel should not be forgotten.

Day said that he learned Friday that his contract had been terminated after more than 17 years at News 13. Treanor underscored just how important Day was to the operation.

“The success of News 13 is around the ‘Weather on the Ones’ concept,” Treanor said. “People could get weather every 10 minutes, and Jeff was the face of that information. The staff has grown to have five weather people, and the leader of the team was Jeff Day. He deserves a statue in the hallway. For 10 years he got up in the middle of the night to go to work to make sure Central Florida had the weather information they needed to face the day.”….Cont….


11 2014

John Wilson – veteran TV anchor, movie star?

(from – John Wilson has skydived with men who stormed Normandy, rubbed shoulders with Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf in Saudi Arabia, looked a dying Ted Bundy in the eye. He does not cry at movies.

On this crisp Virginia evening, he is sitting, dry-eyed, in the center of the Paramount Theater, Row L, Seat 11, for the world premiere of the latest film featuring his youngest son, Patrick, the Broadway and Hollywood star. Patrick is the film’s male lead, the dreamy coal miner who woos an unlucky-in-love Ashley Judd. He’s up there on stage, waving to a sold-out house alongside his wife, sons and brother Paul.

John understands this kind of attention. He will retire Wednesday as the lead evening anchor at WTVT-Ch. 13, capping 33 years as one of Tampa Bay’s best-known newsmen, and he’s the patriarch of one of its most famous families — father not only to Patrick and Paul, but fellow news anchor Mark, who will fill his chair at WTVT. At these premieres, he blends into the scenery with his wife, Mary K….Cont….


11 2014

Chief Met Jeff Day is out at News 13…

(from – You’ve seen the last of chief meteorologist Jeff Day at News 13. He was told Friday morning that his contract was terminated.

Day, 49, logged 17 years and three months at the cable news channel, or since the operation began.

“When we started I was the only the meteorologist,” Day said Sunday night. After a tornado outbreak in 1998, the channel decided he needed help.

Day said it was a little bit of a surprise that he was out at the channel.

“Jeff Day did leave News 13 on Friday,” Tim Geraghty, senior director news, said Monday.  “We thank him for his years of service to our company and wish him the best in the future.”

Day’s reaction? “It’s the nature of the business,” he said. “You always have to be prepared. It’s just one of the things you find in the business. I’m dealing with it. It’s been 17 years of dedication and hard work. But now there’s relaxation and some excitement about finding a new path to take. I love Central Florida.”….Cont….


11 2014