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WFTS boots News Director and Assistant N/D….

(from – News Director Bill McFarland has been fired at ABC Action News in Tampa, according to a source inside the TV station who requested anonymity. Assistant News Director Michele Murray also was let go.

An internal email to staffers from WFTS-TV General Manager Nick Nicholson said that McFarland and Murray “were no longer with the television station. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.”

He later followed up with an email announcing a staff meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday “to discuss moving forward.”….Cont….


Sources at WFTS and in the Scripps family of stations tell Florida News Center that the firings come after a long list of complaints from WFTS staff, to Scripps corporate against the former N/D, the A. N/D. and former station General Manager Rich Pegram.

As Florida News Center reported, GM Rich Pegram was let go from the station back in August, now just 2 months later the N/D and A. N/D are gone. WFTS insiders tell us that  Scripps corporate has been (“shockingly”) been listening to their complaints.


10 2014

#FanGate gives WFOR some national exposure…

When Miami’s WFOR agreed to produce the first debate between former FL Governor Charlie Crist and current FL Governor Rick Scott, they never had any idea that biggest fight would be over a small fan.

The Crist campaign had placed a small electric fan under his podium, something that Governor Scott did not like. Scott refused to come on stage and delayed the debate.

The rules of the debate stated that no electronic devices would be used. However, the Crist campaign had asked prior to the debate for the use of the fan to keep cool and had gotten approval in writing. Co-moderator Rosemary Goudreau questioned if the fan violated the rules of the debated, causing Crist to reply “Are we really going to debate about a fan or are we going to talk about education, and the environment and the future of our state? I mean, really!?”

“I’m thinking, where do we go from here? Do we tap dance? But, I thought it was extremely uncomfortable. We lost 7 minutes that I thought we could have used.” This is what WFOR anchor Elliott Rodriguez said about the debate between former FL Governor Charlie Crist and current FL Governor Rick Scott, that he moderated.

Scott did finally come out and participated in the debate.


10 2014

#EquipmentMeltdown at WFLA…

While we were enjoying the beautiful fall colors in North Carolina this past week, the folks at WFLA were having a terrible day.

A computer board failure at the Tampa station led to a disaster of the Monday 5pm newscast. The station lost graphics and audio communication between anchor Stacie Schaible and the control room. Schiable dubbed the event on Twitter as #equipmentmeltdown.

Florida News Center readers tell us that Schaible anchored the newscast from an office chair inside of the newsroom, reading prompter roll for nearly 15 minutes straight. Chief meteorologist Steve Jerve followed Schiable with an extended weather forecast. The 5:30pm newscast was replaced with a hurricane special.

WFLA news director Bill Berra told that “it took engineers a while to root out the cause of the failure and that Stacie (Schaible) did a very good tap dance under the circumstances.”


10 2014

Cherish Lombard departs WALA…

WALA anchor and “Studio 10″ host Cherish Lombard is departing Mobile’s WALA-TV. She is headed to anchor at Nashville’s WKRN-TV.

Lombard joined WALA in 2008.

As reminds us, Lombard became a YouTube sensation thanks to video of her stomach growling ridiculously loud on air. Check out that video, HERE.



10 2014

Food critic joins WFTV….

(from – During his 20 year career as a restaurant critic for the Orlando Sentinel Scott Joseph always tried to keep his appearance under wraps. Now, he’s letting the whole world know what he looks like.

Hal Boedeker of the Sentinel reports that Joseph, 60, will soon be appearing on Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV in a segment called “The Daily Chew,” tentatively set to debut Thursdays at noon. The show centers around Joseph and a local chef who will demonstrate a signature recipe on a kitchen set.

Although Joseph does have some broadcasting experience under his belt, this is his first major foray into TV….Cont….


10 2014