WUSF sells its signal, will go dark…

(edited from WUSF) – The University of South Florida has sold WUSF Television as part of the Federal Communication Commissions’s spectrum auction.

The license for the station was sold for $18.7 million. As part of its Broadcast Incentive Auction, the federal government is buying signals from broadcasters around the country to sell to wireless network providers.

WUSF TV will go off the air at a date still to be decided, leaving the Tampa market with just one PBS affiliate, WEDU-TV. The FCC will not distribute proceeds from the auction until the entire auction is complete. USF will have up to six months after receiving the proceeds to shut down WUSF TV’s broadcast operations.

WUSF 89.7 and WSMR Radio will not be affected by this sale. A number of WUSF TV and WUSF Public Media employees will be laid off.

The decision to sell WUSF TV was made by USF executives, including the Board of Trustees. USF holds the licenses of WUSF Public Media….Cont….

In memorium, watch this WUSF-TV station ID from 2012 and Retrospective

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02 2017

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