Opsahl re-signs with WFTV…

(from OrlandoSentinel.com) – WFTV has extended anchor Bob Opsahl’s contract, news director Bob Jordan said today. “I won’t tell you more,” Jordan said. “We’re going to be kind of coy about it.” Well, he didn’t provide specifics about the contract, which was extended this week.  But that news tip should end — for now — industry chatter that the longtime anchor might be leaving WFTV soon. Will Opsahl’s duties change? “Oh, no, no no. He’s the guy,” Jordan said. “There I’ve given you another quote.” Jordan, obviously in a good mood, had a little more to say. “I wish he’d stay here forever,” Jordan said. “I’d like to stay forever.” Really? I told him I couldn’t believe that. “I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m not doing this,” Jordan said. “This is awful fun.” Opsahl wasn’t very talkative, either. “I’m very happy about it,” the anchor said with a chuckle. Did he have more to say? “Gosh, no,” Opsahl said. “I wanted to be here as long as they wanted to keep me. This is a good thing for me.” A good thing for WFTV, too, and its viewers.

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