UPDATE: Goodbye PacMan…

7/29/10 – UPDATE: Here is a little more information on the name change (and a shout-out to Florida News Center) from the St. Petersburg Times’ Eric Deggins. CLICK HERE

Tampa’s WTSP officially introduced their new logo, name and slogan on Monday’s 5am newscast. The station is dropping the short-lived “10 Connects” and is resurrecting “10 News.” The station is also using the slogan “Tampa Bay’s News Leader.” Watch video below of the new changes c/o FNC on YouTube


(Originally published 7/24/10) – Sources tell Florida News Center that Tampa’s WTSP will under go a name/logo change coming soon. “10 Connects” is changing to “10 News.” The “PacMan” 10 (the cut-out area for the “C” in Connects, made the old logo look like PacMan) is out, while previous ocean wave logo is back.

WTSP is already teasing the new logo (maybe not intentionally) on their website. We grabbed a copy of the new logo, below. Stay tuned…


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