Tribune kills WSFL newscast…

(edited from – I’m not sure anyone cares or will notice.   That’s because so few watched WSFL Channel 39?s morning show.

Here is the memo today from Howard Greenberg, publisher of the Sun-Sentinel.  The television station is part of the Tribune Company’s South Florida media presence. Here is the memo:

Subject: The Morning Show

To those of you who rallied around the show and helped support it, thank you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We are committed to serving the local community. Starting mid-August, we plan to air five local news breaks each weeknight, and in early September, WSFL-TV plans to re-launch its locally-produced weekly program addressing community issues.

 Earlier this morning, WSFL-TV announced the cancellation of The Morning Show, with today being the last broadcast. Launched on April 13, 2009, the program was designed to provide the competitive South Florida market with a fresh take on morning news. We had high hopes for the program, and significant effort from throughout the company went into developing the show. While we’re proud of what we accomplished in a short period of time, the audience didn’t build the way we had anticipated, and we had to make the difficult decision to end production. Every effort is being made to help affected employees with this transition, including assisting them in exploring placement within our organization and at other Tribune properties. We’re also helping facilitate the production of resume tapes and other material for departing staff members.


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