Sky 10 is officially grounded…

As Florida News Center reported a few weeks ago, WTSP has officially grounded Sky 10. In an email sent out on Friday, as of Sat Aug 1, the lease for the Bell 206 Longranger is not being renewed. WTSP has joined the local news service (LNS), started by WTVT and WFTS. As expected, the LNS will all use WFTS’ leased helicopter Action Air One and pilot Captain Al Taylor (right) for breaking news, live and general aerial footage. WTSP follows WTVT, who dropped Sky FOX and pilot Randy Powers to combine resources and save money. Stay tuned for further developments.

*NOTE ? WTSP (then WLCY) was the first station in the Tampa Bay area to have a helicopter. Sky 10 (number one) was debuted in 1979.

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08 2009

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