Stations sharing in the Gulf Coast revival…

(from PJ Bednarski – I’ve spent the last several weeks in the panhandle of Florida and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit part of the reason we came here is because, after the BP oil spill, we figured nobody else would.

Now, after having been awed by the beautiful beaches and the natural beauty of this area, I’m also sure we’ll probably never get as good of a deal again. Places from Pensacola to Destin and down into Grayton Beach where we have been staying, are filling up again. Though other parts of the gulf apparently still have serious problems, I have yet to see an oil-drenched seagull and I hope I never do.

Local television advertising, especially in southern markets, will be pushing the Panhandle region hard this spring, helped by a retiree whose gulf spill story in a TV commercial is inspiring people nationwide to vacation here….Cont….

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