Sweeps are different in Orlando this year…

(from OrlandoSentinel.com) – Remember all those hyped special reports that filled the ratings periods known as sweeps? These days, sweeps aren’t what they used to be in Orlando. And you can thank the introduction earlier this year of Local People Meters, which changed the way viewing is measured in Central Florida. “We producespecial material over the year,” said WFTV news director Bob Jordan. “It’s become less of ‘let’s-gear-up-for-the-ratings period, then let’s let our guard down.’ We don’t play that game.” The November sweeps start Thursday and run a month. But Thursday morning, Orlando stations will be tabulating their results for the October ratings period, which end tonight. Local People Meters mean that TV stations get detailed ratings information every day rather than for select months: November, February, May and July. Orlando stations used to hype their special reports in those months. But Local People Meters have prompted the stations to change their beat-the-drums strategy. “I think promotion is the same year-round,” said WESH General Manager Jim Carter. “Promotionally, we’re in ratings 52 weeks a year. That’s how we approach our business.”….Cont…..

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