Paige Kelton stays at WTEV/WAWS, moves to mgmt…

Florida News Center has learned that former lead anchor Paige Kelton will be staying with WTEV/WAWS after all.

In a press release this past Friday, VP/GM Jim Zerwkh announced that Kelton will be moving from the anchor desk to the news management team at the Jacksonville duopoly. She will become the “special projects manager.”

In the release Zerwekh said of Kelton, “Paige has been a dedicated employee of CBS 47/FOX 30 for many years” and that he is “extremely happy that she is transitioning to our management team.” He went on to say that “Paige’s unique skill set and community contacts are valuable assets to CBS 47/FOX30 Action News.”

This announcement comes just three months after Florida News Center reported that the management at Cox Communications, the owners of WTEV/WAWS were “starting over from scratch,” dismissing their entire lead evening and morning anchor teams.

Lead evening anchors Mark Spain, Paige Kelton and Tera Barz, along with morning anchors Mike Barz and Lynnsey Gardner were told that they were being replaced with new talent.

As Florida News Center had previously reported, the station has already named John Bachman and Tenikka Smith (replacing Kelton) as their station’s new lead evening anchor team. Kelton had been the lead evening anchor at WTEV since the station began producing newscasts in 2002.

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