UPDATE: Mark Spain finds work outside of JAX…

UPDATE: 04/15/2015 – Former WTEV/WAWS anchor Mark Spain announced on Twitter today that he has landed at WSET-TV, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA.


(edited from Jacksonville.com) – 03/25/15 – Former WJAX/WFOX anchor Mark Spain is leaving the Jacksonville market for another broadcasting job.

Spain was one of five anchors, who were jettisoned from the news operations there last summer. Spain, who had remained in Jacksonville, has not been on the air in local TV news since leaving the duopoly, but Wednesday he confirmed he’s agreed to a broadcast news job outside of North Florida.

Spain said he would not be more specific on his relocation due to a pre-employment agreement that limits disclosure of the job prior to taking to the air.

Spain was at Action News as one of the main anchors for seven years before his contract was not renewed. The only Action News anchor that was part of the purge that remains with the station is Spain’s former co-anchor Paige Kelton, who is an off-air special projects manager at the station….Continue for the full story….

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