WLTV/WJXX gets a new set…

While we were cruising the Caribbean this past week, Jacksonville duopoly WTLV/WJXX unveiled a newly updated set.

The new set uses the existing skeleton and footprint of the station’s previous set, which was introduced in February of 2010. The new set uses new background panels, faux beam/pillar covers and high-def TV mounts. The only aspects of the old set that might be noticeable to some viewers (as it was to us) was the use of the previous set news desk. The front of the desk has new background panels, along with a high-def screen for logo/story display, camouflaging the old desk just enough to call it new.

While the set has gotten a facelift, Gannett (pardon TEGNA) corporate graphics and music remain as they were.

Check out the screen captures below.

//hattip to FNC reader!

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04 2015

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