Is WTXL moving downtown?

(edited from – What initially appeared to be just a few stickers in the window of the former Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science building on Kleman Plaza now appears to be the newest creation of Tallahassee’s WTXL.

The local ABC affiliate has affixed it logo to all of the glass windows on the ground floor of the ¬†former Mary Brogan Museum building with an interior outfitted with a new round contemporary sofa reminiscent of the type of sofas used on ABC’s national morning show, as well as television monitors and what could become a brand new news desk.

This newest development places WTXL directly across from the Florida Capitol, the Florida Supreme Court building and Tallahassee’s City Hall building giving the news network a “front row seat” for coverage of Capitol news and government headlines originating downtown. This prime location, may also open doors for increased coverage of politicians criss-crossing the street between the capitol and Kleman Plaza….Cont….


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08 2015

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