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Florida News Center was created in 2002. The website originally began as a spin-off from a personal blog/informational website which I maintained starting in 1997. The original website focused on the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota media market, eventually growing to include the Orlando/Daytona beach market as well. The website FLNewsCenter.com went online in 2002 covering Tampa and Orlando, with the occasional national story sprinkled in. In early 2003 the website grew to include the Fort Myers and West Palm Beach markets. By the end of 2003 Florida News Center expanded its focus even greater, eventually adding all ten Florida markets (Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Pensacola/Mobile, Tallahassee, Gainesville/Ocala, and Panama City).

Over the past decade (and change), Florida News Center has gone through several different looks. Check our visual history below.

http://flnewscenter.com/fnc2002.jpg (19377 bytes)

FNC 1.0

FNC 2.0

FNC 3.0

FNC 4.0


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Florida News Center does not claim ownership, creation or any sort of involvement in the creative works featured on this site unless specifically noted. We are not affiliated with any station featured on this site. This site is for educational purposes only and is provided to the general public free of charge.

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