About FNC

Sooo…where do I begin??? Florida News Center is the brain child of myself, Christopher Blanton. The web site covers the changes in Florida television news and occasionally beyond.

Keeping up with and watching TV News has always been a hobby of mine and as I found out, it is that of many others as well. After seeing web sites like NewsBlues.com and other city and regional news sites, the idea for FNC was born.

Florida News Center officially came online in January of 2002, after going through several changes and identities on my personal web site (www.ChristopherBlanton.com). Since 2002, FNC has gone through several different looks (below), as the site has grown from covering only Tampa and Orlando, to all ten FL television markets.

fnc2002.jpg (19377 bytes)

FNC 1.0

FNC 2.0

FNC 3.0

FNC 4.0


All multimedia files and their content, logos, music and slogans are copyright by their respective owners. All multimedia files are featured on this site for the purpose of discussing the graphical, musical and other elements of a particular TV station?s image promo campaigns, slogans, news theme(s), IDs, bumpers, talent intros and so on. Any video/images appearing on this site have already aired, or are airing at the moment on the respective TV station mentioned thus being widely accessible to any viewer. Florida News Center does not claim ownership, creation or any sort of involvement in the creative works featured on this site unless specifically noted. We are not affiliated with any station featured on this site. This site is for educational purposes only and is provided to the general public free of charge.

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