WINK tries to block documentary by fired reporter…

(from – Matt Dougherty, a former WINK reporter who is suing the Fort Myers, CBS affiliate for breach of contract, is now being told by parent company Fort Myers Broadcasting Co. he can’t use WINK footage in his reel or an upcoming documentary on his dismissal.

According to Dougherty’s lawyer, FMB has threatened Dougherty with defamation in an attempt to stop production of his Code of Ethics documentary. A trailer for the documentary lives on a website containing links to Dougherty’s past work, some of which is from WINK. Read the rest of this entry →


11 2015

Wheel-chair bound WPEC employee sues station…

(edited from – WPEC managers have made the life of a longtime employee confined to a motorized wheelchair miserable after they switched the popular video editor’s schedule then refused to accommodate his extreme handicap, according to a new lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County circuit court.

The shift change has made Michael Caruso‘s day-to-day routine much harder and caused his condition to worsen.

It’s been so hard on Caruso that he’s had to be placed on antidepressants to cope. Read the rest of this entry →


11 2015

Amy Sweezey pens a children’s book…

(edited from – WESH meteorologist Amy Sweezey has written a book for children, but the title — “It Never, Ever Snows in Florida” — has generated some barbs.

“A few critics have questioned the title of the book, reminding me that it has snowed in Florida. Of course, I tell them to read the book,” Sweezey said in an email. “Once you read the story, you’ll understand the title, and you’ll see how my main character, AJ, discovers the same thing!” The book ultimately becomes a lesson about Florida weather. Read the rest of this entry →


11 2015

InfoMás gets a new set…

Last week brought a new set for Tampa market 24-hr news channel, Bay News 9. However, right across the hall, Spanish language sister station, InfoMás also received a new set as well.

The new casa for InfoMás is smaller than it’s big sister, BN9 but contains the same technology and dynamic background. The new set, built by Park Place Studios, in “Studio B” was built especially for InfoMás but will also serve as a back-up studio for BN9 and Orlando sister stations News 13 and BHSN if needed. InfoMás serves the Tampa and Orlando media markets, with one combined news, weather and sportscast.

Graphics, logo, music and branding stays the same.

Check out the screen caps below

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11 2015

WFLA helicopter pilot killed in plane crash…

WFLA announced Monday afternoon that the Tampa station’s back-up helicopter pilot, Lester Hathcox was killed in a private plane crash in Georgia. Hathcox was flying with a local attorney, in his corporate plane.

The plane, which left Lakeland early on Monday morning disappeared from radar about 9:30 a.m. The wreckage was found near Climax GA later that afternoon.

Hathcox served as a back-up pilot for Eagle 8 and had worked locally for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Officer for 20 years before his retirement. Read the rest of this entry →


11 2015