VIDEO: WTLV/WJXX reporter harassed by unicorn…

Watch the video below as WTLV/WJXX reporter David Williams is harassed by a unicorn during a live shot. Magical….


04 2014

WCJB acts out highlights to avoid broadcast rules…

(edited from – Gainesville’s WCJB-TV wanted to show its viewers highlights from the March Madness game between Florida and Dayton.

Since they were unable to show the video, due to broadcast rights restrictions, the station “acted” out what happened.

Check out the video below.


04 2014

The FCC tightens media ownership/”sharing” rules…

(from – The Federal Communications Commission voted Monday to crack down on cooperation between broadcasters.

In a contentious vote that attracted scrutiny from Republicans in the agency and on Capitol Hill, the FCC approved an order that will keep broadcast companies from sharing resources on advertising sales.

Under current FCC rules, a single broadcast company cannot own more than one of the top four broadcast stations in a media market.

But prior to the agency’s actions on Monday, a broadcast company could use a Joint Service Agreement (JSA) to control advertising sales across multiple broadcast stations. Critics of this practice said it allowed broadcasters to control multiple stations in practice without technically violating the agency’s ownership rules….Cont….

How could this impact Florida? There are seven markets in Florida where a company owns, manages or has influence on more than one TV station in a market: West Palm Beach (WPTV & WFLX), Jacksonville (WAWS & WTEV, WTLV & WJXX), Pensacola/Mobile (WEAR & WFGX, WPMI & WJTC…soon to be WKRG/WALA/WFNA), Fort Myers (WBBH & WZVN), Tallahassee (WTWC, WTLH, WTLF), and Gainesville/Ocala (WGFL, WMYW, WNBW), Orlando (WOFL & WRBW), Miami (WTVJ & WSCV).


04 2014

WKRG to get a new set…a hint to the future?

WKRG announced on it’s Facebook page last week, that the Mobile/Pensacola station will be getting a new set. The new set will debut in the next “2 to 3 weeks.”

The current station set is being dismantled and will be donated to local schools.

Last week, Florida News Center told you that a merger deal had been made between Media General (the owners of WKRG) and LIN TV (the owners of WALA and WFNA). WKRG, WALA, and WFNA are all three in the Mobile/Pensacola market. There was been much speculation which of the three stations with be kept by the new “merged” company, to be known as Media General. The fact that WKRG is getting a new set, might be a clue to which station”s” the new company plans to keep. The investment into these new updates at WKRG, might be worth holding onto by the soon-to-be larger Media General.

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for pictures and multimedia of the new changes at WKRG and the future status’ of WKRG, WALA, and WFNA.

//hattip to Examiner


03 2014

Mark Joyella admits to mental illness…

(from – Sunday was reporter-anchor Mark Joyella’s final day at WFTV-Channel 9.

He is now opening up about his life, writing: “I’ve kept it to myself for years, but now I believe the only way to fight the stigma of mental illness is to talk about my own.”

Writing in “Journalism, Deliberated,” Joyella offers specifics: “Officially, my diagnosis is obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. It’s a hell of an illness that, for me, has nothing to do with compulsively washing my hands, avoiding cracks on the sidewalk or reciting numbers. Nope, all I’ve got is a brain that offers up thoughts that are annoying, disgusting, or frightening.”

Via his blog, Joyella last month cited personal reasons for quitting his WFTV job and wanting to return to New York. He had worked as a weekend morning anchor, and he was a great general assignment reporter.


03 2014

Kelli Cook to depart News 13…

(from – Out of here: Kelli Cook after nearly six years at News 13.

Wednesday was Cook’s last day. She had started at the Orlando cable news channel in May 2008.

She has moved to ABC affiliate WATN in Memphis, where she will work as a weekend anchor and a reporter. But the biggest draw: family.

“I definitely missed being around family,” Cook said Monday. “Most of my family is in Memphis, including my parents, nephews, a host of cousins and the extended family. I wanted some time to reconnect with them.”

Most people will remember Cook for the Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman trials. She served as field anchor for both trials….Cont….


03 2014

Marques White joins the anchor desk at WJXT…

A little late on our part, but worth the mention…

Marques White joined Jacksonville’s WJXT-TV back in February 2014. He is now anchoring the weekend morning shift, sharing the desk with fellow anchor Kumasi Aaron.

White comes from Southern West Virginia’s WVNS-TV, where he was an anchor. Prior to WVNS, White worked at WOWK-TV in Charleston, VW and KMBC-TV in Kansas City.


03 2014

FNC on YouTube – New Changes at SNN…

Watch the FNC on YouTube video below as Sarasota’s 24-hour cable news channel, SNN debuts a new logo, new set, new music, new slogan, and edited graphics. The new appearance changes, also brought the return of meteorologist Justin Mosely back to SNN.

This video was from March 3, 2014. Thank you to anonymous!


03 2014

Jim Syoen and wife sued for $2 million…

(edited from – A well-known celebrity photographer in New York has filed a lawsuit against his daughter, a communications director with the State Attorney’s Office in Fort Myers, and son-in-law, WFTX Fox4 weatherman Jim Syoen, claiming the couple stole $1 million worth of his property while he was gravely ill and in the hospital.

A summons was issued for Samantha Syoen and her husband by a New York court, where Frank Ross is suing them for elder abuse, fraud, conversion, trespass to property and unjust enrichment.

Ross alleges in the lawsuit that Samantha Syoen got him to sign papers giving them control of his property last year when he was critically ill….Cont….


03 2014

WKRG/WALA/WFNA now in play from MG/LIN merger…

(from – Before they can close their proposed $1.6 merger, Media General and LIN Media will have to sell or swap stations in five markets to comply with FCC rules limiting common ownership of more than one station in a market, Media General CEO George Mahoney told securities analysts following the announcement of the mega-deal this morning.

Media General and LIN have overlapping stations in five markets — Providence; Savannah, Ga.; Birmingham, Ala.; Mobile, Ala.; and Green Bay, Wis.

In Mobile, Media General owns WKRG (CBS); LIN owns WALA (Fox) and WFNA (CW).

In Providence, Media General owns WJAR (NBC); LIN owns WPRI (CBS) and operates WNAC (Fox) through a marketing agreement….Cont….


03 2014