Michele Gillen is back at WFOR…

(edited from GossipExtra.com) – It took four months for WFOR investigative reporter Michele Gillen to repair her bruised ego.

Insiders say that Gillen materialized in the newsroom this week for the first time since a public blowout between her and fellow investigative newsman Jim DeFede.

A spywitness described how Gillen walked in Monday like she hadn’t missed one third of the work year, sat down at her desk six cubicles away from DeFede and started making calls for a story about Pope Francis‘ upcoming trip to the United States.

“It’s like she never left,” one source said. “Nobody’s talking about it. Nobody’s talking to her. And she’s not talking to anybody.”….Cont….


11 2014

“People” calls WKMG’s Matt Austin sexy….

It is still a slow news week in FL TV, so watch the video below as WKMG’er’s yack it up in the video below. The WKMG crew is talking about how anchor Matt Austin was named as a finalist in People magazine’s “Sexiest Anchors in America.” The honor finally went to Mike Woods of WNYW-TV in NY, NY.

Worth noting, former WFTS’er Bob Kendrick was also a finalist in this list. Kendrick now anchors at WSYX-TV in Columbus, OH.


11 2014

On set marriage proposal at WPLG…

It is a slow news week in Florida TV, so check out the video below as WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric proposes marriage to anchor Jacey Birch on set. On-air/set marriage proposals some what annoy us (what for whatever reason), but again it is a slow news week in FL. <rolls eyes>


11 2014

Larry Spruill joins WJAX/WFOX…

Larry Spruill will be the newest face to join the Jacksonville duopoly of WJAX/WFOX. His first day will be Monday November 24th.

He announced via Facebook:  “BREAKING NEWS::: It’s official.. It’s been hard for me to keep quiet on this…. But after 2.5 years at WJCL- Savannah…I’m pleased to announce that I will be taking my Reporting talents to South Beach… (Well not exactly South Beach) but to a beach south of Savannah.”

He comes from just up the coast, at WJCL-TV in Savannah.


11 2014

Newlywed WTXL anchors are victims of hit and run…

(edited from WTXL.com) – Tallahassee Police are searching for a suspect after a hit and run early Sunday morning.

Just after 1:00 a.m., a Subaru driven by WTXL- TV weekend sports anchor Dave Griffiths and a Hyundai driven by WTXL-TV anchor/reporter Christina Griffiths, were stopped at the light when a silver Mitsubishi crashed into the back of the Subaru, sending it into the back of the Hyundai. A few seconds later, the driver drove away from the scene. A witness decided to follow the driver and says he saw the car into a wood area behind a local restaurant. The witness says he saw a woman in a gray shirt get out of the car and walk away.

The newly-wed husband and wife team were both headed home at the time. Neither was injured, besides a couple of bruises and some soreness the next morning. Both say they’re happy the situation did not turn out worse and are thankful for the witnesses who stopped to make sure they were okay and to tell police what they saw, especially the first witness who stopped and immediately told them he would follow the driver.  (edited from WTXL.com)


11 2014