Man sues WPLG for ruining his name…

(from – A Miami television station broadcast a report falsely identifying a local man as a sex offender, when in fact he isn’t, the man claims in a lawsuit.

Wilfredo Batista says until Nov. 11, 2014, he enjoyed a good name and reputation, but on that Monday, WPLG Local Channel 10 showed an advertisement on its news program saying “that he was a sexual offender and lived at the residence and zip code where only sexual offenders lived.”

In a complaint filed in the Miami-Dade County circuit court, Batista says that prior to broadcasting the defamatory and false statements against him, Read the rest of this entry →



04 2015

WLTV/WJXX gets a new set…

While we were cruising the Caribbean this past week, Jacksonville duopoly WTLV/WJXX unveiled a newly updated set.

The new set uses the existing skeleton and footprint of the station’s previous set, which was introduced in February of 2010. The new set uses new background panels, faux beam/pillar covers and high-def TV mounts. The only aspects of the old set that might be noticeable to some viewers (as it was to us) was the use of the previous set news desk. The front of the desk has new background panels, along with a high-def screen for logo/story display, camouflaging the old desk just enough to call it new.

While the set has gotten a facelift, Gannett (pardon TEGNA) corporate graphics and music remain as they were.

Check out the screen captures below.

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04 2015

Gannett before, TEGNA after…

(edited from - Media giant Gannett is splitting into two publicly traded companies. The new one is TEGNA, encompassing Gannett’s 46 TV stations and digital properities. The other will keep the name Gannett and will focus on its publishing companies.

“TEGNA is a nod to the more than 100 year-old history of Gannett. While always reminding us where we came from, the new name also shows our innovative spirit and commitment to being a forward-looking company that empowers people, businesses and communities to grow and thrive,” said Gracia Martore, Gannett president and CEO….Cont….


04 2015

Excuse us while we take a break…

It’s that time again for yours truly here at Florida News Center to take a MUCH needed break away from work, more work, and even more work. If you have any stories or suggestions for the site, please feel free to e-mail us at the link below and we will research and/or publish as soon as possible.

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04 2015

Bethany Anderson joins WPMI…

Bethany Anderson joins Mobile’s WPMI as the station’s newest reporter.

Anderosn comes from Nashville’s WKRN-TV, where she was also a reporter. Prior to WKRN, she worked for WTVY-TV, just up the road from WPMI in Dothan, AL.

//hattip to TV Radio SW Alabama


04 2015