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Jacksonville stations battle in dodge ball…

(from – Like so many of your fellow local newsers, if you love the cult classic “Anchorman,” then you may want to head to Jacksonville, Florida this weekend.

In the spirit of the film, numerous Jax TV,  print, and radio newsrooms–including folks from WJXT, WTEV-WAWS, and First Coast News–are fielding teams to face off in tomorrow’s News Room Street Fight.  Journos will participate in a charity dodge ball tournament to benefit the Jacksonville Police Athletic League, with special appearances by Jacksonville Jaguars players Eben Britton and Rashad Jennings , and Ron Burgundy himself (sorry, no Will Ferrell – it’ll be a local actor dressed up)….Cont….

Watch this as the legendary Bill “the voice” Kurtis teases the dodge ball battle


02 2012

Accident happens LIVE behind WTEV crew…

From our FNC on YouTube videos: Watch the video below as two cars collide, behind WTEV-TV reporter Catherine Varnum. Varnum and her crew were covering the Florida Republican primary this past 1/31/12. You gotta love LIVE TV!

//hattip to Anon!


02 2012

Jacksonville cops confiscate scanners from local TV…

(from – In a move that had been anticipated for weeks but is no less debilitating, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office removed police scanners from local newsrooms last week.

In announcing their decision to remove the scanners back in July, the police department cited their own budgetary considerations.  But many feel that it was done in an effort to limit the media’s access to police communications.

For the past several years, Jacksonville media outlets have rented scanners from the police department.  According to The Florida Times-Union, local news agencies would rent the $4,600 Motorola radios, with special encrypted frequencies, for about $70 each per month….Cont….


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09 2011

Warriner out, Johnston in at WAWS/WTEV…

Sources tell Florida News Center that WAWS/WTEV is parting ways with morning meteorologist Jamie Warriner. Warriner was informed several weeks ago, that his contract is not going to be renewed. His bio has since been removed from the stations’ website.

Warriner joined the Jacksonville duopoly in August of 2002 from Kansas’ Sunflower Cable News. Do not count Warriner out just yet….stay tuned!

So who, will replace him on the AM show?

Florida News Center has learned that former WFTX-TV chief meteorologist Tom Johnston has been hired to replace Warriner, on the AM show at WAWS/WTEV. Johnston is expected to start on the air, as soon as this week, just in time to track the intensifying, hurricane Irene.

FNC readers may remember that Tom Johnston and WFTX-TV parted ways back in Oct of 2009. Since that the time he has been “on the beach,” in the Miami area. Johnston had worked at Miami’s WSVN-TV, before taking the chief met position at WFTX in 2006.



08 2011

Croc lunges at WAWS reporter…

Watch the video below, as a crocodile lunges at WTEV/WAWS reporter Kate Paul.


05 2011

Mrs. Roboto is back…

Watch below as WTEV/WAWS morning anchor Tera Barz reprises her role as Mrs. Roboto; this time joined by her fellow morning anchors. Tera Barz impressed us not more than a month ago and became a YouTube hit, with her robotic talent.


04 2011

Domo Arigato, Mrs. Roboto…

Watch the video below as WTEV/WAWS anchor Tera Barz impresses us with her robotic talents. She’s quite good – anything to fill the void in between constantly breaking news, sounds good to us.

//hattip to FTV


03 2011

Tanner to traffic at WFTX…

(edited from – As WFTX Fox4 expands its morning “Fox4 Rising” newscast, the station has added a traffic reporter to its team. His name is Greg Tanner and he has many years under his belt in the broadcast business.

Tanner has worked in radio for more than 20 years and also was a traffic reporter with Jacksonville duopoly, WTEV CBS 47/WAWS FOX 30.

“Fox4 Rising” expands to three hours starting Jan. 17.


01 2011

Williams signs on…covering for Lopez…

Viewers on the First Coast tell Florida News Center that Tera Williams (right) has found a job at Jacksonville’s WTEV/WAWS. She made her debut on the duopoly today, filling in on the morning show for anchor Dawn Lopez.

Sources tell Florida News Center that Lopez (left) is off the air, to “recover from a medical procedure.” Specifics were not given, only that Lopez will be off the air and Williams will cover her morning anchoring duties for the next few weeks.

Williams (now known as Tera Barz in her new gig at WTEV/WAWS) is sharing the anchor desk with morning co-anchor, and her husband, Mike Barz.

As Florida News Center reported several weeks ago, Tera Williams (Tera Barz) left Chicago’s WFLD-TV, “headed for a Jacksonville area station”. Her husband, Mike Barz (right), left Chicago’s WFLD-TV in 2009 and joined WTEV/WAWS in June 2010.

What will happen to Tera Williams (Tera Barz) after Dawn Lopez returns from her recovery? Will the husband and wife team continue to anchor together? Stay tuned….


11 2010

Williams to Florida TV?….

UPDATE: Our friends at report that Williams IS in fact headed to Florida to join her husband in Jacksonville. According to FTV, Williams is returning to Jacksonville to anchor full time “Monday-Friday.” Who is Williams replacing? At what station? Stay tuned…

(from – Tera Williams (left), whose maternity leave from WFLD-Ch. 32 is scheduled to end Nov. 9, is not expected to return to the Fox-owned Chicago station where she has been a general assignment reporter for nearly four years, sources say.

Williams is the wife of Mike Barz (right), a former WFLD anchor who in August lost his arbitration case against the station related to his 2009 exit. Barz earlier this year landed in Jacksonville, Fla., as an anchor for WTEV-TV and WAWS-TV.

Williams, who grew up in Florida and has family there, declined comment on Sunday. Efforts to reach a station spokesman have been unsuccessful.


10 2010