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Lauren Rowe to have thyroid surgery…

(from – WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Lauren Rowe will have surgery Tuesday after doctors found a tumor on her thyroid.

“There’s something growing that shouldn’t be there,” Rowe, 39, said today. “They have to remove the tumor to know if it’s malignant or benign. They will remove the tumor and half of the thyroid.”

She will anchor through Monday at the CBS affiliate, and her “Flashpoint” this weekend focuses on the Casey Anthony case.

“We think I’ll be gone at least a week,” Rowe said. “As long as everything goes well, I hope to be back within a week.”….Cont….


04 2011

Rowe is doing well…

(from – How is WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Lauren Rowe doing?

She called in during the 7 o’clock news tonight to chat with fellow anchor Gaard Swanson. Rowe had surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumor from her thyroid. She went home Wednesday.

“The surgery went very well,” Rowe said. “They saw the tumor very clearly. They were able to get it out. They still have to determine whether it’s malignant or benign. We should probably know by Friday or Monday. If it’s benign, then we’re all done, and I just have this small scar and we’ll be finished. If it is malignant, they’ll have to go back in and take the rest of my thyroid. But for now, I actually feel pretty good. As you can hear, I sound pretty OK.”….Cont….


04 2011

Rowe raves about her new co-anchor…

(from – WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Lauren Rowe does a pretty efficient promotional job for her new co-anchor, Gaard Swanson. He debuts at 6 and 11 p.m. Thursday on the CBS affiliate.

“He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a business owner, he’s a father of four, he’s a journalist,” Rowe said. “I had no question whatsoever whether he had the chops to do this job,”

She was impressed by his skills when they read together during his audition. I’ve done a separate interview with Swanson, but Rowe was there during the chat.

“It was very exciting to sit next to someone I found fascinating personally,” she said. “Gaard’s depth was immediately apparent. It won’t take long for people to know that this guy has leadership, skills, intelligence. We can’t have enough leaders in that newsroom. We all need to innovate.”

Swanson’s diverse background includes renovating homes, owning a coffee business and hosting an HGTV show, “Generation Renovation.” A particular passion of Swanson’s is setting up a project — – to help Native Americans….Cont….


02 2011

Stone leaving, Rowe going solo…

(from – Personnel news from CBS affiliate WKMG-Channel 6: Energetic morning reporter J.R. Stone is leaving the station Jan. 27. He said he is finalizing plans to work in television in another market.

In an e-mail, Stone wrote: “While it is unfortunate that management and I could not reach an agreement to renew my contract and keep me at Local 6, I have enjoyed the staff and viewers here in Orlando immensely. I’ve had the opportunity to cover both news and sports, including such memorable stories as the Magic and their quest for a championship.”

News director Steve Hyvonen praised Stone. “He’s done a good job,” Hyvonen said. “He’s been a versatile reporter and photographer. He’s a hard-working, positive person to be around. He’ll be successful.”

Starting Monday, WKMG will rearrange its early evening news lineup. The 6 p.m. news will become a half-hour telecast. The “CBS Evening News With Katie Couric” will return to the 6:30 p.m. time slot from 7 p.m. And WKMG will start a 7 p.m. newscast with Lauren Rowe as solo anchor…..Cont….


12 2010

WKMG/Rowe defend “Six Night”…

(from – WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Lauren Rowe defends that wacky “Next 6 Nights” spot that promoted her station’s 11 p.m. news. The CBS affiliate ran the promo frequently during the Super Bowl. “I’m acting,” Rowe said. “The moment I read it I started giggling. It’s very much the way I am. It was almost a parody of myself. It was part of the shtick.” Of course, some people think it’s all wrong for journalists to act. What does she say to that criticism? “It’s the Super Bowl. The commercials in the Super Bowl are a show in themselves,” she said. “They’re supposed to be a little over the top. Even Tim Tebow’s commercial had a funny side to it. What we were trying to do was get people’s attention with an over-the-top, humorous commercial.”….Cont….


02 2010