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WJXT takes May JAX books, beats locals and nets…

In a press release to Florida News Center, we learn that Independent station WJXT is once again claiming its historically dominant role in the Jacksonville/Brunswick television market. The following numbers are for the coveted 25-54 age group.

WJXT wins the morning race from 5am-9am, beating all local newscasts and national network newscasts from NBC, ABC, and CBS

6am-7am (RTG/SHARE)


WJXT (5/35)

WJXT (3/26)

WTLV/WJXX (3.2/22)

Today Show (1.7/14)

WAWS (1.3/9)

CBS This Morning (1.7/14)

WTEV (.04/3)

Good Morning America (038/7)

WJXT wins the evening newscasts from 5pm-7pm, once again beating all local newscasts and national network newscasts from NBC, ABC, CBS

5 pm (RTG/SHARE)


6 pm

WJXT (2.8/17)

WJXT (3/16)

WJXT (3.8/17)

WTLV/WJXX (1.4/9)

WTLV/WJXX (1.8/9)

WTLV/WJXX (2.7/12)

WTEV (1.3/8)

WTEV (1.3/7)

WTEV (1.6/7)


In the late news hour, WJXT beats newscasts on WAWS and network primetime shows in the 10pm hour and continues that streak on with the 11pm local newscasts.

11 pm (RTG/SHARE)

WJXT (2.3/9)

WTLV/WJXX (2.2/9)

WTEV (1.4/5)

WJXT says that it has seen increases in primetime viewing as well, ranking second with its schedule of syndicated network comedies. In the M-F primetime viewing hours, WJXT beats out NBC, ABC, and FOX, losing only to CBS.

*NOTE – The above numbers were from a WJXT press release.

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06 2014

WPBF bails early on Oscar…

(from – WPBF-Channel 25 may have violated its contract with ABC last night when the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast station cut out of the live broadscast of the Oscars a tad early!

By some accounts, the station shaved off up to two minutes from the show’s credits and last commercials — a definite no-no in the television world, especially when it involves high-audience broadcasts like the Academy Awards.

Fines could end up being leveled against the area’s No. 2 station….Cont….

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02 2013

Gio Benitez to join ABC News…

(from – WFOR reporter Gio Benitez is leaving the station and jumping ship to the ABC Network.

Benitez is joining as a correspondent for the network and according to the announcement sent out by ABC News president Ben Sherwood, he will be  reporting on “all platforms” and will be based in New York City. He starts early in 2013….Cont….


11 2012

ABC & Univision to create Miami-based news channel…

(from – ABC News and Univision News have officially closed the deal on their new joint 24-hour news channel.

The two networks officially announced the channel in May, following a Wall Street Journal report three months earlier that the two were in talks. The definitive agreement reached today means that ABC and Univision will charge ahead on what will become the first 24-hour, English-language channel aimed toward the fast-growing U.S. Hispanic audience. (By 2050, Hispanics are expected to make up a third of the U.S. population.)

“ABC News and Univision News share a goal of serving the thriving Hispanic audience that makes up such an influential and essential part of America,” ABC News president Ben Sherwood said in a statement today….Cont….

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10 2012

Roberts bumped for Hurricane Irene…

(from – WFTS-TV meteorologist Stephanie Roberts had planned to make her fifth trip to New York as a fill-in forecaster for “Good Morning America” this weekend.

But she won’t, and ironically, she can blame a hurricane.

Hurricane Irene is projected to be pounding the East Coast on Saturday.

Roberts says she and producers at “Good Morning America” have decided that she should not travel to New York this weekend to work on the show. The hurricane changed the network’s coverage plans…..Cont….


08 2011