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Burn, baby, burn: WTSP to air “Yule Log” for 2013…

Tampa’s WTSP-TV has announced that it will air its version of the burning “Yule Log” from 7:00-9:00am Christmas morning. This is the first year that WTSP will air the burning fireplace, a tradition that has was started locally twelve years ago by Tampa 24hour cable news channel Bay News 9. As Florida News Center has reported, Bay News 9 (along with its Orlando area sister channel, News 13) will air their version of the “Yule Log” from 7:00pm-12:00am on Christmas Eve.

The Yule Log tradition was started in 1966, at New York City station WPIX-TV. Click here to learn more about that.


12 2013

Burn, baby, burn…2013!

For the twelfth year, Tampa’s Bright House Cable news channel Bay News 9 and Orlando’s News 13 will be airing the burning “Yule Log” on the cable channels from 7:00pm to midnight on Christmas Eve.

Bright House customers can watch the burning Yule Log anytime by going to OnDemand channel 999 in the Tampa and Orlando cable markets. For 2013, Bright House offers three versions of the Yule Log with differing fire places; “Holiday Tradition,” “Christmas Angel,” and “Chimenea Navidena” in Spanish.

The burning fireplace (Yule log) tradition was first started in 1966, by New York’s WPIX. Watch a history of the WPIX Yule Log and vintage WPIX Yule Log broadcasts, via the YouTube video below. Enjoy!

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12 2013

November 2013 Sweeps – Tampa/St. Petersburg…

The November 2013 books for the Tampa/St. Petersburg market have been released. WFTS-TV narrowly beats WTVT-TV for first place in the 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00pm news slots. The numbers below demonstrate a virtual tie between WFLA-TV and WTSP-TV for the same time slots. In the late 11:00pm news half hour, WFTS also takes first place with a 2.3 rating, followed by WTSP (1.4), WFLA (1.1), WTVT (1.1), and Bay News 9 (0.6).

A press release from WFTS boasts that the November 2013 results “mark over 20 months in a row” that WFTS has “won the 24-54 demography in the evening and late newscast” time slots. WFTS started an upward trend in these ratings time slots during 2011.

Ratings for morning and noon results were not available at the time of this publication. However, if trends have stayed the same expect for WTVT, WFLA, and Bay News 9 to lead these time slots, followed by WFTS and WTSP. Stay tuned for more results.

Nov. ‘13 (25-54 rating)




5-6:30pm Avg.





















Bay News 9






12 2013

Alan Mason named as VP/GM at Bright House FL…

(edited from – Bright House Networks has named Alan Mason vice president/general manager of news and local programming.

Mason will provide oversight and strategic guidance for Bright House Networks 24-hour local news channels — Bay News 9 and News 13 — as well as Bright House Sports Network, Local on Demand and InfoMas beginning Dec. 30.

Mason comes from VP/GM at Time Warner’s News 14 Carolina.

Bay News 9 and News 13 are among the country’s top-rated 24-hour local news channels. Bright House Networks owns and operates Bay News 9, News 13, Bright House Sports Network, and InfoMas. (full story from


11 2013

Bay News 9 goes back to the big screen…

(from – “Bay News 9 was so good to us the first time we decided we gotta do it again.”

That from Dolphin Tale 2 Director Charles Martin Smith, who returned the Dolphin Tale franchise to Bay News 9 after the 2011 hit movie Dolphin Tale highlighted the news network studios.

This time around, crew members arrived four hours before the shoot and gave a makeover to the main news studio. They connected cables to record directly from Bay News 9’s studio cameras.

Set decorator Jeff Taylor and lead man Rod England worked on creating the perfect morning show ambiance with warm, comfy chairs, fresh flowers and Bay News 9 mugs….Cont….


11 2013

A suspect is shot LIVE on TV – to air, or not to air…

Friday morning and into the early afternoon proved to be a tense day for those living in north Tampa and for local Tampa television stations. Late last night 24 y/o man was believed to have committed several home invasions, sexual assaults and robberies. Authorities spotted the suspect driving around noon time, resulting in a spin out of the car and shoot-out after.

As the chase went on, local stations began to feed into the areal video from the single helicopter shared by local stations WTSP, WFTS and WTVT. (These stations have shared a helicopter and its video feeds since 2009). WTVT picked up the video live, just as the shoot out began (check out that video below), while WFTS and WTSP cut away from the video as those shots began. WFLA, who has its own helicopter recorded the video live, but did not air the shooting live. Surprisingly, WTVT aired the shooting video multiple times during its noon newscast, while other local stations opted to not show that video at that time.

Sources from multiple local stations tell Florida News Center that the decision to air the shooting video was either an split second decision, or one that caught the stations off guard (in the case of WTVT below). However, by the 5pm show all of the local stations were showing the shooting video during newscasts.

Local 24hour cable channel Bay News 9 did not record the chase and shoot out as it happened. However, they did catch the suspect riding in to the ambulance as it was police escorted to Tampa General Hospital. BN9 followed the caravan right up to the emergency room entry.

 Check out the raw feed from the LNS helicopter (WFTS, WTSP, WTVT) , HERE!

Check out the WFLA helicopter view HERE!



09 2013

A new era for Central Florida News 13…

Orlando’s Central Florida News 13 began a new era today as the 24hr cable only station debuted a new logo, a new name, website (, news music, graphics package, and minor set changes on their Tuesday noon newscast. The station has been slowly phasing out the “Central Florida” part of its name over the past several years and has now fully adopted “News 13″ as its official moniker. The station is now using the slogan “News. Weather. Now.”

As Florida News Center learned nearly two weeks ago, the Bright House Networks cable-only station began to set into effect the even further merging of it’s Tampa and Orlando properties. The new “News 13″ is now a twin of its Tampa sister station, Bay News 9. Both stations now share the same music, slogan, similar logos, and set styling. Sources tell Florida News Center that the new graphics package introduced today on News 13 will eventually be adopted on Bay News 9 as well. Stay tuned for any further information.

Check out News 13′s new look below and a hybrid image where not all of the graphics are quite updated yet…

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08 2013

Changes are coming to CFN 13…

Sources tell Florida News Center that Orlando’s Central Florida News 13 will receive a new logo, new slogan, minor set changes, and a new graphics package. The new logo (pictured in promos above) is designed to mimic its Bright House Networks owned sister station, Tampa’s Bay News 9. The new logo (as shown above) will be “News, Weather, Now.”

This new logo will be the second for the 24hr cable only station, since its debut in 1997. Sources say to look for the new logo and changes to debut sometime this week. Bright House Networks cable has already updated the logo on the channel guide. Stay tuned for multimedia upon debut.

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08 2013

WFTS/WTVT lead in May books…

(from – Looks like St. Petersburg CBS affiliate WTSP-Ch. 10 won May’s competitive “sweeps” ratings period, according to a press release pronouncing it “Tampa Bay’s most-watched television station.”

But hold on. Across the pond, Tampa Fox station WTVT-Ch. 13 claims to be “the dominant source overall in key adults” during early newscasts.

And Tampa ABC station affiliate WFTS-Ch. 28 trumpets a “historic change in Tampa Bay area TV news,” noting it has beaten all other late night newscasts among the most sought after viewers for the third year in a row.

Welcome to the most popular sport after a “sweeps” ratings period; citing ratings data which makes your channel look good as possible….Cont….

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05 2013

Feb 2013 books show a battle between WTVT/WFTS…

(from – Once upon a time, local NBC station WFLA-Ch. 8 and Fox affiliate WTVT-Ch. 13 duked it out for supremacy in local TV ratings, with the Fox-owned station slowly growing more dominant as NBC’s ratings woes multiplied.

But February’s “sweeps” ratings period confirmed a transition which hit home in November, as ABC affiliate WFTS-Ch. 28 has risen to compete with WTVT among key viewers aged 25 to 54, winning early evening and late night news time periods.

Last month, Fox 13 ruled the mornings, with the advantage tipping to ABC Action News in early evening and at 11 p.m. Fox also won at 4 p.m. and in prime time, due to the strength of Judge Judy and American Idol….Cont….

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03 2013