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Why does Charter want Bright House?

(from – Expansion in Florida – the third-largest state in the United States – is a key goal behind cable television operator Charter Communications Inc.’s $10.4 billion deal for Bright House Networks.

Charter (NASDAQ: CHTR) lacks a strong presence in Florida, Fortune reported, while Bright House is the largest cable operator in Tampa and in Orlando, with 1.7 million video customers.

“This is one of the fastest growing places in the country and we expect given demographics that Florida will continue to grow and this area of Florida will continue to grow more rapidly than the rest of the country,” Thomas Rutledge, president and CEO of Charter, said in a conference call. Read the rest of this entry →


03 2015

Charter to buy Bright House …

(edited from – On Tuesday, Bright House Networks, the major provider for Internet and cable television in Orlando and Tampa Bay, became the latest acquisition target when Stamford, Conn.-based Charter Communications announced its intent to buy the company.

It comes as the industry tries to face down challenges from tech-savvy consumers who are turning more to companies such as Netflix and Hulu for their television programming.

Atlanta-based analyst Jeff Kagan said the industry has been slow to compete with those new technologies.

“Am I worried about cable television?” he said. “I am. Read the rest of this entry →


03 2015

Rudy Murrieta out as N/D at News 13….

The urge to merge continues at Tampa’s Bay News 9 and Orlando’s News 13.

Sources tell Florida News Center that the Rudy Murrieta is out as News Director at the Orlando 24 hour cable station.

There was no reason given for his departure from the station. However, sources have been hinting for some time now that the cable stations will eventually merge operations. So, is this the next step?

Earlier this year, we reported that Senior Director of News Tim Geraghty was let go from the station, as his position was being eliminated to “reduce redundancy.” Bay News 9 Senior Director of News, Mike Gautreau took over both Senior positions for Bay News 9 and News 13. At the the beginning of 2013, the VP/General Managers for both Bn9 and News 13 were both let go to merge leadership at BN9 headquarters. Read the rest of this entry →


02 2015

A broken wrist for Brian McClure…

Viewers of Tampa 24 hr cable channel Bay News 9 might have noticed meteorologist Brian McClure sporting a fancy new fashion accessory this week. He showed up on the Thursday newscasts, with his right arm in a sling. McClure noted on Twitter that he broke his wrist after falling off of a ladder earlier in the week.

We wish Mr. McClure a speedy recovery! Check out the pics below.

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02 2015

The urge to merge at BN9 & News 13….

Sources tell Florida News Center that changes are brewing at the Bright House Networks cable properties in the Tampa and Orlando markets. We have learned that News 13 Senior Director of News Tim Geraghty is out at the Orlando cable station.

As Florida News Center reported, Geraghty joined News 13 in 2012 as the station’s news director. In a move to further join the Tampa and Orlando outlets, Bay News 9 (BN9) Senior Director of News Mike Gautreau will assume responsibility of news management for both BN9 and News 13 from Geraghty. The current news directors Ally Berger (BN9) and Rudy Murrieta (News 13) will now report directly to Gautreau. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2015