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Warmoth heads to the PM shift…

(from – After updates Wednesday on the traffic and “Dancing With the Stars,” WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Vanessa Echols told viewers it was “a bittersweet day” for the morning team.

“After 15 years, I am losing my co-anchor,” Echols said as the 6 a.m. hour ended. Greg Warmoth will anchor the 5:30 and 11 p.m. newscasts at the ABC affiliate.

“It has been a pleasure, and we’ve been through a lot together,” Echols said….Cont….

Warmoth agreed, citing their time on the air, their friendship and her battle against breast cancer.


05 2012

WFTV rolls out Opsahl for Nov sweeps…

(from – Are you enjoying seeing WFTV-Channel 9  anchor Bob Opsahl back on the 11 o’clock news?

He won’t be there for long. He has returned to his old slot during the important November ratings period, and he will be off the 11 p.m. newscast when the November sweeps  end, WFTV news director Bob Jordan said today.

Is it a case of bringing out the big gun during a ratings period?

“You have a keen mind,” the normally chatty Jordan told me, and that’s all he was saying….Cont….


11 2011

Bob Opsahl anchors his final 11pm newscast…

(from – WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Bob Opsahl has been a constant in this market for decades, but his schedule recently changed.

He is no longer anchoring the 11 p.m. news. Josh Benson has assumed the duties on that newscast, where he sits alongside Martie Salt.

“I can tell you Bob is thrilled. He is one happy camper,” news director Bob Jordan said.

He does not exaggerate. ”After more than 25 years of working a night-side schedule, I’m pretty excited about having my nights open,” Opsahl said. “If only I could have had this luxury when my kids were young!”

He won’t be gone from the 11 entirely. “I’ll still be filling in for Josh Benson when he takes some time off — like this Thursday, Friday and Monday,” Opsahl said….Cont….


06 2011

“No, no, no, no”…Opsahl is not retiring…

(from – One of the big guessing games in town is: When will Bob Opsahl retire?

The WFTV-Channel 9 anchor told me last year that he won’t retire in 2011. But I’ve been hearing new speculation because of Opsahl’s longevity. He has been at WFTV since 1978 and has anchored at the ABC affiliate since the mid-1980s.

So I wanted an update: Will Opsahl be departing this year?

“No, no, no, no,” news director Bob Jordan told me today….Cont….


02 2011

WFTV is NOT endorsing Rick Scott…

(from - A WFTV-Ch. 9 viewer fired off this complaint to the station:

“It is my understanding that Martie Salt and Bob Opsahl are doing a TV campaign ad for Rick Scott. If this is true, I sure hope that Bob Jordan has plans to terminate their employment. How can TV news personalities be unbiased and fair in reporting when they campaign for individuals running for public office? I find this extremely unethical, a conflict of interest to news reporting and I am appalled at the judgment being exercised related to this decision. You can count on me and my friends not being friends of Eyewitness News! And I have many friends.”

Well, good for you. WFTV has received a handful of such complaints since the Scott ad started running this week, WFTV news director Bob Jordan said. In the spot, Scott slams opponent Alex Sink. Jordan said callers have asked such questions as “How can you endorse a candidate? and “Are you becoming like Fox News?”

Scott uses footage from a WFTV newscast, but the station is not endorsing the Republican candidate for governor…..Cont….


10 2010

WFTV explains misleading Scott ad…

(from - Have you seen the new Rick Scott commercial that slams Alex Sink by drawing on a WFTV-Ch. 9 report about a state pension fund?

WFTV anchor Bob Opsahl explained tonight that the spot “leaves out key parts of the story.” Republican Scott and Democrat Sink are candidates for Florida governor.

WFTV reporter Eric Rasmussen said the “attack ad borrows less that 30 seconds from a Channel 9 report that was more than two minutes long.”

In the report last year, Rasmussen described how the state of Florida and other investors lost millions on an apartment investment in Manhattan during the real-estate crash….Cont….




10 2010

Rick Scott uses WFTV footage to bend the truth…

(from - You’re going to see WFTV-Ch. 9 anchors Bob Opsahl and Martie Salt on competing channels in the market. The reason: They’re featured prominently in a new commercial for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott.

WFTV news director Bob Jordan was troubled by the spot, which stations received today. “My initial concern was that it looked like an endorsement by WFTV,” he said. “This is a well-used technique to take clips from a newscast. Other spots have excerpted from several markets. All the excerpts [in this spot] come from WFTV.”

The spot also draws on a report by WFTV’s Eric Rasmussen about money lost in a state pension fund. Jordan said he was not commenting to help or hurt any candidate, but that the Scott spot misinterpreted the WFTV report.

“The spot seems to suggest [Scott opponent] Alex Sink is responsible for making a bad investment in a condo conversion,” Jordan said. “That conversion was in a portfolio approved by the Cabinet. None of the people on the state Cabinet are analysts. They depend on outside advisers. This happened when the economy was in free fall.”….Cont….


10 2010

Bob Opshal: “I won’t retire next year…”

(from Opsahl is an Orlando institution. He has been at WFTV-Channel 9 since 1978 and anchored at the ABC affiliate since the mid-1980s.

Consequently, there’s a lot of industry speculation about his future. WFTV news director Bob Jordan has told me Opsahl won’t retire this year.

Opsahl has good news for his many fans in an upcoming question-and-answer I have with the anchor. My question: “Bob Jordan says you won’t retire this year. Do you have a timetable for leaving WFTV?”….Cont….


04 2010

Coming to WFTV…to replace Opsahl?

(edited from - KOVA NBC 4 morning news co-anchor Josh Benson, who has been at the Tuscon, AZ station since 2005, is leaving at the end of May for Orlando, Fla., where he is going to be the weekend news anchor at ABC-affiliate WFTV.

“I’m finally going to be able to sleep in again,” Benson said about his upcoming move.

WFTV is owned by Cox Enterprises — parent of the company that owns Tucson’s cable system — and has been Orlando’s news ratings leader for most of the last 20 years. The station’s main weekday anchorman, Bob Opsahl, has been in that position since 1984 and the word is he is planning to retired in about a year, which could propel Benson into the top spot in the market if things work out. Benson said the decision to move on was simply a desire to “continue to grow in this industry.” An agent he had hired within the past year connected him with the opportunity at WFTV….Cont….


03 2010

Opsahl re-signs with WFTV…

(from - WFTV has extended anchor Bob Opsahl’s contract, news director Bob Jordan said today. “I won’t tell you more,” Jordan said. “We’re going to be kind of coy about it.” Well, he didn’t provide specifics about the contract, which was extended this week.  But that news tip should end — for now — industry chatter that the longtime anchor might be leaving WFTV soon. Will Opsahl’s duties change? “Oh, no, no no. He’s the guy,” Jordan said. “There I’ve given you another quote.” Jordan, obviously in a good mood, had a little more to say. “I wish he’d stay here forever,” Jordan said. “I’d like to stay forever.” Really? I told him I couldn’t believe that. “I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m not doing this,” Jordan said. “This is awful fun.” Opsahl wasn’t very talkative, either. “I’m very happy about it,” the anchor said with a chuckle. Did he have more to say? “Gosh, no,” Opsahl said. “I wanted to be here as long as they wanted to keep me. This is a good thing for me.” A good thing for WFTV, too, and its viewers.


02 2010