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Dave D’Marko to depart News 13…

(from edited from – News 13 reporter Dave D’Marko announced his departure after six years in Orlando. Before News 13, he had worked at stations in Dayton, Ohio; Albany, Ga.; and West Palm Beach.

On Facebook last week, D’Marko wrote that he was “off to new adventures and opportunities at Fox 4 in Kansas City. The family and I are excited about the move, but it’s tough to say goodbye to so many good friends, co-workers, and colleagues I’ve met here….Cont….


08 2015

What happens to BN9 and News 13 in Charter deal?

(edited from – Charter Communications Inc. is not expected to hit the off button for the 24-hour news operations Bright House Networks runs in Tampa Bay and Orlando.

The fate of Bay News 9, News 13 and Bright House Sports Network came into question after Charter said it would buy Bright House for $10.4 billion, and Time Warner Cable for $55 billion. Charter does not have similar local news operations in its current markets. Time Warner Cable has local programming in some of its market. Read the rest of this entry →


05 2015

Charter/Time Warner/Bright House deal looms…

(edited from – In the latest twist and turn of cable TV deal-making, Charter Communications is reported to be near a deal to acquire Time Warner Cable that may also include the simultaneous purchase and merger of Bright House Networks.

Charter had earlier courted Time Warner but was pushed aside by a richer deal offered by larger Comcast. Regulators shunned the Comcast deal, even as Charter had turned to try and acquire for $10.4 billion Bright House Networks, one of the prominent cable TV providers in the Tampa Bay and Orlando/Central Florida markets. Read the rest of this entry →


05 2015

Bryan Karrick named Chief Met at News 13…

Our friends at reports that Bryan Karrick has been named as the new chief meteorologist at Orlando 24-hour cable channel, News 13.

He comes to News 13 from Aeris Weather, in Minneapolis, MN.

Prior to Aeris Weather, he worked at KCCI-TV in Des Moines, IA.

Karrick replaces former meteorologist Jeff Day, who’s contract was suddenly terminated in November 2014. Day had been with News 13 since it’s inception. Read the rest of this entry →


04 2015

Charter to buy Bright House …

(edited from – On Tuesday, Bright House Networks, the major provider for Internet and cable television in Orlando and Tampa Bay, became the latest acquisition target when Stamford, Conn.-based Charter Communications announced its intent to buy the company.

It comes as the industry tries to face down challenges from tech-savvy consumers who are turning more to companies such as Netflix and Hulu for their television programming.

Atlanta-based analyst Jeff Kagan said the industry has been slow to compete with those new technologies.

“Am I worried about cable television?” he said. “I am. Read the rest of this entry →


03 2015