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WESH reporter threatened with a gun…

WESH veteran reporter Claire Metz had quite the scare on Tuesday. Metz approached the home of a 911 operator, who was suspended because of the way she handled a call, in which the caller ended up dying. When Metz knocked on the woman’s door, the door opened and the woman put a gun in Metz’s face. Metz stated that she approached the home alone, while her photographer stayed in the station vehicle.

Metz said (in the video report HERE): “When she opened the door, she had a gun in her arm and she pointed it right at my head. The incident on Jungle Farm road was frightening for me; I will admit it. The gun was no more than a foot or two away from my head and Justice (the woman) held it on me until I backed away to our truck. My collegue took a picture of the woman holding the gun (right) and only then lowed it to her side. But I’m sure this incident was just as disturbing for her.”

Volusia County Sheriff told Metz that the woman was overly distraught about the death of the 911 caller and over the recent media attention that she has garnered. The woman with the gun was arrested and charges are pending. No one was hurt during the confrontation.


11 2013

Metz is back baby…

(from – Claire Metz of WESH-Channel 2 returned to the air today. The veteran reporter has been recovering from a January traffic accident in which she suffered a broken clavicle and four broken ribs. She saw her doctor Friday, and he allowed her to return with some restrictions, Metz said. She had a story about Bike Week at 4 p.m. today as well as some shorter stories. Metz was a passenger in a WESH live truck driven by photojournalist Hutch Breneman when the vehicle was hit by a pickup in Daytona Beach. Metz and Breneman had to be cut out, and he suffered minor injuries. Welcome back, Claire. You have been missed.


03 2010

Metz talks about WESH van accident…

(from – WESH-Channel 2’s Claire Metz can laugh these days about a frightening traffic accident last week that broke her bones and knocked her off the air.  “I had this great red suit on,” Metz said Wednesday. “The paramedics said, ‘We have to cut it off.’ I said, ‘I’ve dreamed of people cutting off my clothes.’ ”

     Metz, 53, is in her 26th year at the NBC affiliate. She was a passenger in a WESH live truck driven by photojournalist Hutch Breneman on Thursday when the vehicle was hit by a pickup in Daytona Beach. Metz and Breneman had to be cut out, and he suffered minor injuries. “I never lost consciousness,” Metz said. “In the truck, as we were waiting, I heard a police officer say, ‘I think they’re’ arguing.’ I told Hutch, ‘You jerk. You swore this truck would never tip over.’ I think the cops got a kick out of it.” Metz described her injuries as bizarre. “I have four broken ribs and a broken, displaced clavicle,” she said. “They debated whether to operate, but they decided it was so close to blood vessels. I’m in a strap that holds your shoulders back in the hope the two bones will meet and heal. I have a lot of bumps and bruises. My left arm is swollen. It’s not a pretty picture. I’ll never be a hand model.”  The WESH van was hit on the passenger side, then went over on the driver’s side. Metz said she fell out of her seat belt on Breneman.  “I heard the first bone break as I was coming down,” she said….Cont….  

 See more photos here @ Daytona Beach News Journal


01 2010

WESH reporter/photog hurt in car accident…

(from – Longtime WESH reporter and former anchor Claire Metz was hurt Thursday evening when the news van she was riding in was hit by a pickup in Daytona Beach, authorities said. Metz and Hutch Breneman were northbound on Palmetto Avenue at 6:15 p.m. when a small pickup driven by Drew Clark ran a red light at International Speedway Boulevard, said Lt. Tom Pera of the Daytona Beach police. Clark, an assistant baseball coach at Bethune-Cookman University, told investigators he bent over to pick up a shoe from the floorboard beneath his feet after it fell off the front passenger seat, Pera said. Clark was given a ticket on a careless-driving charge. Metz, a well-known and popular TV personality, was being treated early today at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Her condition was unknown, but Pera said it was not life threatening. She and Breneman had to be cut out of the van. Neither Breneman nor Clark was seriously injured, Pera said. “Thank God they’re OK,” he said. “Because when I saw that van, I couldn’t believe it.”      Here’s the story from WESH…       Crash pic c/o          See more photos here @ Daytona Beach N/J


01 2010