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Craig Wolf finds work in Public Television…

(from – Plans for a new public television documentary series featuring Southwest Florida and hosted by former local anchorman Craig Wolf are coming into focus.

Collier County’s Tourist Development Council on Monday unanimously approved chipping in $5,000 from its bed tax-fueled marketing fund toward WGCU-TV’s plan to produce a short pilot program with the working title, “Florida Explorer.”

Lee County’s Tourist Development Council has not been approached for funds as yet. However, county tourism chief Tamara Pigott said she suggested WGCU officials contact the Southwest Florida Community Foundation for possible financial assistance with the pilot production….Cont….


11 2012

A new career for Craig Wolf…

(from – Longtime WBBH NBC2 main anchorman Craig Wolf, who was fired from the station in March 2011 and is currently suing his former employer, is back in Southwest Florida and has started a new career in real estate.

He’s taken a job with McMurray and Nette, a local real estate firm.

“I have a passion for this community,” Wolf told me. “I’ve lived here almost 20 years. And I’m excited to again be involved with its people and what’s important to them. And make a living at it. My son is starting high school. I hear tuition calling my name, just like thousands of other local families do.”

Wolf and his family have recently returned to Southwest Florida after moving to Nashville for a time….Cont….


07 2012

Wolf speaks out to WFLX…

3/1/2012 – UPDATE: Craig Wolf speaks opens up further to WFTX about his law suit against WBBH/Waterman Broadcasting. Wofl says that his law suit is about “losing the life that I had here in Southwest Florida, unfairly, unjustly and unlawfully.” – Click here to see the story…
(from – A popular anchor in Southwest Florida speaking out tonight after he says he was fired from WBBH NBC-2 News. Many viewers have wondered what happened to Craig Wolf, who anchored the news for 18 years. Wolf spoke on-camera exclusively with Four in your Corner’s Mike Mason.

NBC-2 viewers have had a lot of questions since Craig Wolf left the anchor desk. We caught up with Wolf at a golf tournament and tonight we’re finding out what he’s been up to. Wolf was back in town to play in a charity golf tournament at The Forest country club in South Fort Myers. All of the money raised will help fund an expansion of the Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. Wolf says for him, the event was bittersweet.

Craig Wolf: “It was great to have a bunch of people come up to me and say ‘I miss you’. But it’s not so great in Nashville, Tennessee where I’ve relocated, where I’m trying to find a job.”….Cont….


03 2012

Did whistle-blower complaint lead to firing?

(from – For nearly a year now, Southwest Florida television viewers have wondered about the reasons behind the firing of WBBH-TV main anchor Craig Wolf. He was escorted from the building last March after more than 17 years with the station.

This weekend, details came to light after Wolf filed a whistle-blower lawsuit Friday in Lee Circuit Court against his former employer, Waterman Broadcasting. Waterman owns WBBH-TV, NBC2 and also operates WZVN-TV, ABC7.

In the lawsuit, Wolf alleges he was fired because he filed a federal complaint about unsanitary conditions at the station’s studios and other parts of the building.

The seven-page document reads in part….Cont….


02 2012

Craig Wolf speaks out…

(by Chris Wadsworth, from – It’s been eight months since former WBBH NBC2 anchorman Craig Wolf was let go from the station in a move that shocked many longtime viewers. Since then, there have been lots of questions about what happened and what Wolf will do next, but very little in the way of answers.

It’s widely known that Wolf was unhappy with his firing, that he has hired a lawyer and that talks with NBC2 have been ongoing. Nevertheless, as the weeks and months creep by, little else has trickled out.

Last week, I reached Wolf on the telephone and he agreed to answer the viewers’ questions as best he can at this point. NBC2 news director Darrel Lieze-Adams did not respond to an email requesting comment….Cont….


11 2011

The Craig Wolf effect….a mistake?

(from – In last week’s column, I noted how WBBH NBC2′s ratings held steady despite the departure of longtime anchorman Craig Wolf.

Wolf last anchored in February and yet the ratings stayed basically the same throughout May and July ratings periods, even though some upset fans said they were going to change the channel.

Since then, several TV folks have reminded me that it’s better to compare ratings year to year, rather than ratings period to ratings period. This is because of many reasons: Our population changes dramatically from winter to summer, viewers’ habits change as the weather changes and school is out and vacations kick in, etc….Cont….


10 2011

“My termination was wrongful and unjust”…

(edited from – It’s been more than two months since longtime WBBH NBC2 anchorman Craig Wolf was abruptly cut loose from the station. Since that time, there’s been relatively little news coming from Wolf’s camp – despite many fans wanting to know what really happened, what he’s up to now and what he’s going to do next.

So I spoke with Wolf last week, twisting his arm for an update while acknowledging that there are some things he can’t or won’t speak about.

“After gathering as much information as I’ve been able to so far, I have come to the conclusion that my termination (from NBC2) was wrongful and unjust,” Wolf told me….Cont….


05 2011

Viewers enraged over Wolf firing…

(edited from – It’s been 12 days since WBBH NBC2 fired longtime anchorman Craig Wolf. Since that move, there has been a huge wave of discussion and more than a little anger. Since broke the story, there’ve been about 100,000 page views. The comments section lit up with shocked Craig Wolf fans and a slew of nasty posts were left on the NBC2 Facebook page. My Media Matters e-mail filled up with people asking about Wolf’s departure.

According to Wolf, he himself has received more than 1,500 messages from people – so many he had to enlist his son to help him keep track of them.

One of the chief sentiments being expressed was “why?” People want to know what happened, what led NBC2 to make such a drastic move. They feel that they know Craig personally and they are taking his firing personally.

“I feel your viewers … have the right to know if there is a valid reason for Craig’s dismissal,” wrote Jane Kelly in a post on the NBC2 Facebook page. “Your silence leads to speculation.”….Cont….


03 2011

WBBH suddenly fires veteran anchor…

(from – Longtime Southwest Florida anchorman Craig Wolf has been fired after more than 17 years with WBBH-TV NBC2.

The surprising move came Thursday morning. According to Wolf, as he arrived at the station for the start of his shift, he was summoned to the general manager’s office.

“I was told that my contract, which was due to run out at the end of August, was not being renewed. I was told that the changes were effective immediately and that I should leave the building immediately,” Wolf said. “It came out of nowhere.”

The 56-year-old anchorman says he got to NBC2’s headquarters on Central Avenue in Fort Myers at 10 a.m. He was told he was being let go within 10 minutes and he was departing in his car by 10:30.

“What kills me is that I wasn’t given a chance to say goodbye to (co-anchor) Kellie (Burns), to my co-workers and to the viewers, to the people that I have been bringing the news to for 17 years,” Wolf said….Cont….


03 2011

Musical chairs at WBBH/WZVN…

(from - Summer is normally a time to take it easy and relax, but managers at Waterman Broadcasting have shuffled staff around and given some folks new duties.

According to Darrel Lieze-Adams, who is the news director for WZVN ABC7 and WBBH NBC2, anchor Len Jennings (left) will fill in on the NBC2 4 p.m. newscast all summer. Meanwhile, anchor Craig Wolf (right) will fill in on the station’s 11 p.m. newscast.

These gentlemen are taking over the shows hosted by former NBC2 anchor Paul LaGrone, who recently left for West Palm Beach.

On top of that, Jennings will now solo anchor the ABC7 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts. His co-anchor, Stacey Deffenbaugh (left), has been moved to weekend mornings where she will anchor the ABC7 and NBC2 morning newscasts….Cont….


07 2010