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WTSP/HCSO make friends…

(from – Management from WTSP/10 Connects met Thursday afternoon with Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee and members of his staff to discuss his concerns over WTSP reporter Mike Deeson. Sheriff Gee, along with Chief Deputy Joe Docobo and Deputy Larry McKinnon of the Public Information Office met with 10 Connects General Manager Ken Tonning and News Director Darren Richards. In that meeting, Sheriff Gee expressed his concerns over several of Mike Deeson’s reports that were critical of the Sheriff’s Office. 10 Connects management listened to those concerns and is addressing them. This meeting took place after the Sheriff’s Office suspended contact with WTSP/10 Connects on Wednesday because they feel Mike Deeson has a personal vendetta against the Sheriff. In Thursday’s meeting, both the Sheriff’s Office and 10 Connects reached some common ground and the Sheriff has agreed to lift the suspension of contact.

After the meeting HCSO released the following statement…

Today Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee met with WTSP 10 Connects General Manager Ken Tonning and News Director Darren Richards. As a result, the Sheriff’s Office is confident they will address our concerns that were posted on 30th September’s media release. In light of WTSP’s cooperation, HCSO will rescind the suspension of contact and at this point will reserve any future comments pending the out come of WTSP’s internal review.


10 2009

HCSO to cut off WTSP…continued…

Thanks to loyal readers, Florida News Center has found another public admonishment of WTSP by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. In a 9/18/09 press release, the HCSO calls out WTSP and reporter Mike Deeson?for broadcasting?an “innacurate portrayal of the incident” cited in the release linked below.

Various media outlets have reported on an incident involving a citizen whose handgun was discovered inside his briefcase as he reported for jury duty at the Hillsborough County Courthouse.? On Thursday, one media outlet in particular, WTSP-10 Connects, chose to broadcast an inaccurate portrayal of the incident….Cont….

Of course the fur has been flying for a while now on both sides. WTSP/Mike Deeson claim that Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee and the HCSO have been on their case for sometime now. In a Feb 2009, Deeson reported on how David Gee managed to earn $908,312 last year in outside income last year while other Sheriff’s in the area make around $150k. Deeson also raised questions about the worthiness of a $675,000 wall around the HCSO’s Ybor City headquarters.

Sources at WTSP and the HCSO tell Florida News Center that the fight is NOT over.? Stay tuned to Florida News Center for further developements.


10 2009