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RIP: David Grant…

(from – He didn’t make it to north Georgia as planned, nor back to the tennis courts, as he had hoped. David Grant, former WFLA-TV meteorologist and avid tennis player, died early Friday morning at his North Tampa home, just two months after deciding to stop treatment for pancreatic cancer.

In an interview with the Times in September, Grant, 79, said, he was diagnosed in 2010 and underwent treatment, including a short course with an experimental drug, for 18 months, but the cancer continued to spread. In the time he had left, he and wife Beverly hoped to make it to north Georgia to see the fall colors one more time and perhaps bat around a few tennis balls, but he was not well enough to travel.

Grant died shortly after 2 a.m. Friday with Beverly, his wife of 35 years, at his side. Through a family friend, Mrs. Grant said he died peacefully….Cont….

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12 2012

Former WFLA vet David Grant discusses his cancer…

(from – Former WFLA meteorologist David Grant was enjoying retirement after a 40-year career that took him across the country, when he had stomach pain while on vacation.

His retirement until then had been what he had looked forward to: golf, tennis, yard work, and spending time with his wife, Beverly.

But, during a trip to the mountains two years ago, David’s stomach pain wouldn’t go away.

“So, when we came back we went to the doctor and he took a CT scan,” Grant said, “Just started there. That was Nov. 7, two years ago.”

The diagnosis was pancreatic cancer.

“So it was the size of a lemon, but it encases a major blood vessel, two major blood vessels and so it’s inoperable,” he said….Cont….

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10 2012