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Wayne Shattuck signs off after 20 years at WFTS…

WFTS veteran meteorologist Wayne Shattuck gave his last forecast on the Tampa station on Sunday night.

After 20 years at the station, the “official” word is that he is retiring after 43 total years in TV weather. However, as Florida News Center reported back in December of 2014, multiple sources tell us that the “retirement” was accepted, as the the veteran meteorologist was being slowly forced out. His final newscast was supposed to be at the end of 2014, but the station extended his contract through the end of May 2015; that time has come and gone.

Shattuck was one of the original personalities to join the WFTS when the station created a news department in late 1994. He started out the station’s chief meteorologist, but was replaced by Denis Phillips and was moved to the week-day morning shift. He was eventually moved from the week-day morning shift, replaced by Shay Ryan, and on to work weekends. Read the rest of this entry →


05 2015

A rare sight in TV news…

Check out this picture below that I took at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry’s Hurricane Expo this weekend. The chief meteorologists from all five Tampa market stations were at the event to discuss the upcoming hurricane season and answer questions. Yours truly wrangled these guys all together for a rare photo opportunity after the Q&A. Thanks to all five for chatting and for humoring me.

From left to right Mike Clay (Bay News 9), Denis Phillips (WFTS), Paul Dellegatto (WTVT), Jim Van Fleet (WTSP), Steve Jerve (WFLA)


05 2015

Denis Phillips sidelined due to infection….

Readers of this website in the Tampa market have noticed one local news personality missing from their screens lately. WFTS chief meteorologist Denis Phillips has been off of the air at the station for several weeks now.

Insiders tell Florida News Center that Phillips had taken a vacation from the station for the holidays and was due back on the air on Monday January 5th. However, the day before he burned his hand on a lawn mower will mowing his yard. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2015

UPDATE: Wayne Shattuck to leave WFTS…

UPDATE: 01/05/15 –  Sources tell Florida News Center that WFTS has temporarily extended Wayne Shattuck’s contract until May 31’st. The veteran meteorologist will continue to stay on with the station until a replacement can be found.


12/03/14 – Sources tell Florida News Center that weekend and morning meteorologist Wayne Shattuck is leaving Tampa’s WFTS.

The official word is that Shattuck is retiring at the end of the year from the station. However, sources tell Florida News Center that the “retirement” is not voluntary and that Shattuck is being forced out.

So far there is no word on who will take over Shattuck’s position. However, a meteorologist position has been posted online at WFTS. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2015

WFTS’ Denis Phillips takes on Facebook…

(from – Where do you turn when lightning strikes? If you increasingly rely on Facebook for real-time weather updates, you have plenty of company, but you could miss out on critical information. And the people whose job it is to give you the weather are at the end of their ropes.

“I’ve been fighting this battle for months,” Denis Phillips, chief meteorologist for ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida, said. “We see just a huge change in the amount of people who see our daily posts.”

As almost every Facebook page administrator has noticed in the last year, there’s been a drastic decline in what Facebook calls “organic reach” — the total number of people who see posts that haven’t been boosted by paid advertising. The change has provoked the ire of some of Facebook’s most popular personalities. George Takei, the former “Star Trek” actor and current social media phenom, is a notable critic of the trend, accusing Facebook of trying to squeeze ad revenue out of its users….Cont….

***On a personal note, we here at FLNewsCenter agree with the findings of Mr. Phillips. Our FNC on Facebook page has seen a 55% drop in our organic reach/post views, since the start of 2014. Just sayin’…..


06 2014