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Wayne Shattuck to leave WFTS…

Sources tell Florida News Center that weekend and morning meteorologist Wayne Shattuck is leaving Tampa’s WFTS.

The official word is that Shattuck is retiring at the end of the year from the station. However, sources tell Florida News Center that the “retirement” is not voluntary and that Shattuck is being forced out.

So far there is no word on who will take over Shattuck’s position. However, a meteorologist position has been posted online at WFTS. Read the rest of this entry →


12 2014

WFTS’ Denis Phillips takes on Facebook…

(from – Where do you turn when lightning strikes? If you increasingly rely on Facebook for real-time weather updates, you have plenty of company, but you could miss out on critical information. And the people whose job it is to give you the weather are at the end of their ropes.

“I’ve been fighting this battle for months,” Denis Phillips, chief meteorologist for ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida, said. “We see just a huge change in the amount of people who see our daily posts.”

As almost every Facebook page administrator has noticed in the last year, there’s been a drastic decline in what Facebook calls “organic reach” — the total number of people who see posts that haven’t been boosted by paid advertising. The change has provoked the ire of some of Facebook’s most popular personalities. George Takei, the former “Star Trek” actor and current social media phenom, is a notable critic of the trend, accusing Facebook of trying to squeeze ad revenue out of its users….Cont….

***On a personal note, we here at FLNewsCenter agree with the findings of Mr. Phillips. Our FNC on Facebook page has seen a 55% drop in our organic reach/post views, since the start of 2014. Just sayin’…..


06 2014

Denis Phillips to play for Sandy charity…

(from – Meteorologists from across the country will compete against each other for charity on Thursday, Nov. 8, on Warner Bros.’ Let’s Ask America, which currently airs on 14 Scripps-owned TV stations.

WMGH Denver’s Lisa Hidalgo, WFTS Tampa’s Denis Phillips, WCPO Cincinnati’s Steve Raleigh and WRTV Indianapolis’ Ashley Brown all will play to raise money for the American Red Cross and those in need due to Hurricane Sandy.

Hosted by Kevin Pereira, Let’s Ask America airs weekdays and weekends in Tampa and Cincinnati and on weekends in Denver and Indianapolis. The show features contestants playing from home via Skype. To win, players have to correctly predict the majority response to various poll topics….


11 2012

Getting futuristic with the weather…

Tampa’s WTVT gets a bit futuristic, with their new weather promo (below). Watch as station chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto uses some magical finger technology to promote the weather department and Tampa Bay landmark, Sky Tower Radar. My favorite part is the expression on the faces of the other hologram weather staff (unfortunately, not easily seen in this video).

On a completely unrelated note, (yet comical and quite fitting) WFTS chief meteorologist Denis Phillips posted this (below) on his Facebook page today. I found his commentary to be an appropriate side dish to the dramatic WTVT promo above.


06 2011

Meteorologist’s home struck by lightning…

WFTS chief meteorologist Denis Phillips experienced the reality of the weather that he covers, during a severe weather front that rolled through the Tampa Bay area today. A bolt of lightning struck Phillips’ Palm Harbor home, frying electronics and bursting pipes throughout the house. Phillips wrote on Facebook:

Ok, anyone know a good electrician and plumber? You won’t believe this…talk about irony. House got hit by lightning today! Two big black holes in the front of the house where the bolt went in, then came out. Suffice to say, electronics pretty much fried and pipes burst. See, it CAN happen to you! Ok, maybe not you, but certainly ME!


04 2011