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Why does JAX TV news suck?….

(from – There’s one question visitors from outside the area often ask me — and a question I ask myself on occasion: Why does local TV news suck so much?

You’d think that, in a region with more than a million people, we’d have something better, that there would be room for more voices, more perspectives, more analyses, more deep dives.

You’d be wrong.

There are exceptions, of course. First Coast News (whose newscasts are shared by our local NBC and ABC affiliates) has a nice investigative team, helmed by former Folio Weekly editor extraordinaire Anne Schindler, which can be counted on for interesting stories every now and again….Cont….

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04 2014

Tim Deegan enters no contest to DUI charge…

(from – First Coast News (WTLV-TV/WJXX-TV) meteorologist Tim Deegan entered a plea of “no contest” to a charge of driving under the influence.

Last month Deegan, 54, was arrested in Jacksonville Beach for allegedly driving under the influence and running a stop sign.

In court Tuesday morning, Deegan was sentenced to 12 months probation, his license suspended for six months and 50 hours of community service….Cont….


12 2013

Dan Hicken is back on TV in JAX…

(from - Six months after he last appeared on television, longtime sports anchor Dan Hicken will be back on the air Sunday for Action Sports 360.

Hicken worked at First Coast News for 27 years, most recently as the sports director.

On May 31, his contract expired, and he signed on at CBS47/FOX30’s Action Sports 360 program.

His six-month non-compete clause dies Sunday, and he will join the live broadcast at 10:30 p.m. on FOX30 and at 11:20 p.m. on CBS47.

“They definitely made me a better offer,” he said Friday about his new employer….Cont….


12 2013

Tim Deegan arrested on DUI charge…

11/03/13 @ 20:51 – UPDATE: Duopoly WTEV/WAWS  (@ 17:53) and Indepdent WJXT (@17:42) published the story below on their websites after the publication of our story below.   Mug shot c/o

WTLV/WJXX General Manager Eric Land told WJXT & WTEV/WAWS that “as a matter of policy FCN does not comment on matters of legal or personal nature involving our employees.” Stay tuned to Florida News Center for the latest.


11/03/13 @ 17:22 – Tim Deegan, chief meteorologist at Jacksonville duopoly WTLV/WJXX was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Deegan was arrested Saturday evening in Jacksonville Beach and released Sunday morning at 11:19 am on his own recognizance.

So far there has been no comment from WTLV/WJXX. To the best of our knowledge, other Jacksonville TV stations have not reported on the story. Stay tuned to Florida News Center for the latest.


11 2013

WTLV/WJXX reporter & photog robbed at gunpoint…

WTLV/WJXX reporter Mike Lyons and his photographer were robbed at gunpoint in a Northwest Jacksonville neighborhood on Thursday evening.

The station reports that neither Lyons nor the photog were injured in the robbery. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is currently working to locate and identify the suspect.

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for the latest.

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09 2013

Phil Amato helps to nab burglary suspect…

(from - First Coast News morning anchor Phil Amato was in the right place at the right time for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s department. Amato was credited with helping Officer Mike Blanton (pictured right) catch a suspect who was on the run from the police.

On the Friday morning newscast for the Jacksonville, FL, ABC-NBC affiliate, Amato told viewers, “I was coming back from breakfast, driving my pickup truck at the time and saw the chase. Well, the suspect ran out from in between two houses and I just happened to be right there.”….Cont….


08 2013

Former WTLV anchor dies at 58…

(edited from – Sally Fox, long time newswoman for First Coast News, passed away on July 3. She was 58 years old.

Fox arrived at WTLV in 1988 and stayed until 1995.

She is best remembered for doing Good Morning Jacksonville and the morning and afternoon news shows.

Fox founded her own organization, Angelwood Inc., in 1993 to provide group homes for developmentally disabled children and their families.

She is survived by one daughter, and another daughter, Heather Fox Preston, died in 2004….Cont….


07 2013

Sports shake-up in Jacksonville…

As Florida News Center had reported last night, WTLV/WJXX sports director Dan Hicken (right #1) is leaving the Jacksonville duopoly after twenty seven years with the station. Rumor had it that Hicken was headed to duopoly WTEV/WAWS to join their sports department. That move opened the door for questions of what was happening to the sports department over at WTEV/WAWS.

Now, multiple sources tell Florida News Center that WTEV/WAWS and sports director Steve Wrigley (right#2) have parted ways. Sports anchor/reporter Brent Martineau (right #3) will take over as sports director at the station. So far there is no word on why Wrigley is departing the duopoly.

Sources also confirm that Dan Hicken will in-fact be joining the sports department at WTEV/WAWS to fill the number 2 position, left open by Martineau.

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for any further developments.    //hattip to Anonymous


05 2013

Dan Hicken to depart WTLV/WJXX…

WTLV/WJXX announced today via Twitter that Sports Director Dan Hicken is leaving the Jacksonville duopoly. Hicken had been with WTLV (later WTLV/WJXX) for twenty seven years prior to this announcement.

So far no official word has been released on why Hicken is leaving the station. However, Sam Kouvaris, the sports director across the street at WJXT tweeted today that Hicken was headed to the “Cox TV stations here in town.” Of course by that Kouvaris means the duopoly of WTEV/WAWS, which was scooped up by Cox in Dec 2012.

So if Sam Kouvaris is correct, does this mean that Dan Hicken might bump current WTEV/WAWS sports director Steve Wrigley for the top spot in sports or will he be replacing one of the other three faces at “Action Sports?” Stay tuned to for the latest.

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05 2013

Amanda Zitzman to Oregon…

(from Zitzman is leaving WTLV-WJXX in Jacksonville, Fla. for KVAL in Eugene, Oregon.

Zitzman joined WTLV-WJXX in 2010 as the morning traffic anchor. She currently anchors the news cut-ins during “Today” and “Good Morning America” as well as solo anchoring the Saturday morning newscast. She is also the anchor of “On the Town,” a Friday evening segment about weekend activities in Jacksonville….Cont….

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03 2013