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FNC on YouTube: WFLA – 1988…

To fill the empty space between stories, please enjoy this classic video from Tampa’s WFLA (circa 1988). Thanks to those who posted this on FNC Forum.


02 2011

G20 protesters over power Brian Williams…

While not Florida TV related…this is great video that I uploaded to FNC on YouTube earlier this evening. Watch as Brian Williams loses mic audio, just as G20 protesters on a bull horn are starting. Nightly News finally regains audio and jacks BriWi’s mic audio to a ridiculously loud volume to compensate. Watch below!


09 2009

FNC on YouTube – WPBF 12/1989…

To fill the void between posts, here’s a selection of FNC on? YouTube. Enjoy this montage from West Palm Beach’s WPBF circa 12/1989.


08 2009

FNC on YouTube – WPLG 1983…

To fill the void between posts, here is vintange WPLG 1983….


08 2009

FNC on YouTube – WSVN 1989 Promo…

To fill the void between posts….this is one of my favorite TV station promos. Miami’s WSVN remembers the top stories of 1989 and how they ae ready for the ’90’s. And for those clueless people who don’t know, or are just to young to appreciate it, the song 1989 song is a spoof of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Star the Fire.” I just thought I would mention it. Enjoy!


08 2009