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Changes at WTSP…

Tampa’s WTSP debuted a new graphics and music package today. The new graphics are black, gray and white based, with color accents based upon the story being discussed. While this new color pallet is generally monotone, the images below demonstrate that WTSP is NOT afraid of color. The set and station logo remain unchanged.

Check out the screen caps and YouTube video below.

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12 2012

Gannett and Dish reach an agreement…

(from – Gannett released a simple one sentence statement announcing an agreement with DISH Network this morning:

“Gannett and DISH Network have reached an agreement regarding DISH Network’s continued retransmission of Gannett stations.”

Midnight last night was the deadline before viewers in 19 cities would lose access to the Gannett owned ABC, NBC, CBS and MyNetworkTV stations on the satellite TV provider’s network.  Carriage continued into the overnight hours before an agreement was made this morning. No details of the pact have been released….Cont….


10 2012

Gannett is hopping mad with Dish…

(from – For local DISH Network satellite TV customers, it may be the question of the moment:

Why exactly are they on the verge of losing CBS affiliate WTSP-Ch. 10 and 18 other local TV stations owned by Gannett Broadcasting across the country?

Gannett is telling viewers, through text streams which began running across their station’s TV screens Wednesday, it’s a typical fight over fees the company wants for the right for DISH to retransmit its broadcast signals.

But DISH Network issued a press release Friday saying the dispute is really over its ad-skipping technology, called “Auto Hop.”….Cont….


10 2012

Shhh…don’t tell the staff, but Gannett up in 1Q…

(from – Gannett Co. (owners of WTSP, WJXX, & WTLV) today announced earnings figures for the first quarter of 2012 that included television revenues of $170.9 million compared to $158.3 million in the first quarter a year ago, an increase of 7.9%.

Higher auto spending, advertising associated with the Super Bowl, and an increase of $3.8 million in politically related ad demand drove the increase.

Retransmission revenues were 17% higher compared to the first quarter last year and totaled $22.8 million, while television station digital revenues were 6.4% higher….Cont….

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04 2012

Gannett up 11%…

(from – Gannett Co. (owners of FL’s WTSP, WTLV, WJXX) today reported fourth quarter results that included television revenues that rose 11.3% from last year’s quarter, when political ad revenues were excluded.  The increase was due, in part, to a significant increase in auto advertising in the quarter, Gannett said.

Including the political comparison, total TV revenues were down $27.9 million.

Retransmission revenues totaled $21.4 million, an increase of 30.3%, while television station digital revenues were 19.3% higher….Cont….

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02 2012

Gannett down in 3Q…

(from – Gannett Co. (the owners of WTSP, WTLV & WJXX in Florida) today reported third quarter 2011 financial results that included television revenues of $168.8 million, $10.8 million lower compared to $179.6 million last year, despite a net decrease of $18.4 million in political spending.

Total adjusted television revenues, defined to exclude the incremental impact of the cyclical ad demand related to political spending, were 4.7% higher. The increase was due, in part, to strengthening demand for auto advertising in September, Gannett said….Cont….

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10 2011

Ask for a raise, Gannett up in 2Q…

(from – Gannett Co. reported today that television revenues for the second quarter of 2011 were $177.7 million, up slightly compared to $177.5 million last year, despite a net decrease of $8.8 million in political spending.

Total adjusted television revenues, defined to exclude the incremental impact of the cyclical ad demand related to political spending, were up 5.4%.

Retransmission revenues totaled $19.4 million in the quarter, an increase of 23.7%.

Digital revenues were 29% higher reflecting our focus on local digital sales through Yahoo! and its community websites….Cont….

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07 2011

Gannett down, but really up in 1Q…

(from -Although Gannett’s broadcast revenues declined 2.2 percent in the first quarter, President/COO Gracia Martore characterized the sector as “a real bright spot for us” during a conference call with industry analysts this morning.

Martore noted that excluding last year’s Super Bowl, political spending and Olympics, broadcast revenues rose 7.3% in the quarter, thanks to solid growth in auto and telecom advertising as well as retransmission and digital revenues.

For the broadcast segment, “It was the challenge of overcoming our own success last year,” said Craig Dubow, chairman/CEO….Cont….

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04 2011

Ask for a raise – Gannett 4Q Up…

(edited from – Gannett Co. (owners of Tampa’s WTSP and Jacksonville’s WTLV/WJXX) reported today that its television revenue in the fourth quarter of 2010 increased 26.1% compared to the fourth quarter of 2009.

Television revenues were $220.2 million compared to $174.5 million, reflecting significantly higher political spending which totaled $52.4 million and growth in core advertising. Advertising revenues, excluding political, were up 1.2% reflecting solid core advertising demand tempered by the displacement effect of substantial political ad demand, the company said….Cont….

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01 2011

The big dogs are making money…

All of the big Florida TV owners report a rise in 3Q profits. Is the future looking up for local TV? Read on…


(edited from - Sinclair Broadcast Group (owners of WEAR, WFGX, WTWC, WMOR) today reported financial results for the three months ended Sept. 30. Net broadcast revenues from continuing operations were $158.8 million, an increase of 16.4% versus the prior year period result of $136.4 million. The company had operating income of $56.1 million in the three-month period, as compared to operating income of $35.7 million in the prior year period. Political revenues were $9.8 million in the third quarter 2010 versus $1.9 million in third quarter 2009….Cont….


(edited from - News Corp.’s (owners of WTVT, WOFL, WOGX) hard-knuckled negotiations with cable operators are paying dividends: The media conglomerate posted a 36% jump in net income for its fiscal first quarter, thanks to double-digit gains from cable and television groups.

The company reported a net income of $775 million, or 30 cents a share, for the three-month period ending Sept. 30. That’s up from $571 million, or 22 cents a share, a year ago. Revenues of $7.4 billion rose 3% from a year earlier….Cont….


(edited from - Gannett Broadcasting (owners of WTSP, WTLV/WJXX) revenues were $185.3 million in the third quarter, a 22.3% climb over the same quarter a year ago. The broadcast division includes Gannett’s 23 stations and the Captivate elevator TV network.

Television revenue alone was $179.6 million, well up from the $145.2 million Gannett reported at the same point last year, reflecting strong core advertising and political spending….Cont….


(edited from - Local TV in the US got some good news when publishing company EW Scripps (owners of WFTS, WPTV) reported its third-quarter earnings with its ten local TV affiliates raising a 31% increase in revenue for Q3 2010. Overall, local revenue was up nearly 5% to $37.6 million.

“The flow of advertising dollars back into local television continues at an encouraging pace, attracted in part by our commitment to delivering larger and more engaged audiences through a determined focus on high-quality local news content,” said Rich Boehne, Scripps president and CEO. “Many of our key television advertising categories have bounced back to pre-2009 levels.”….Cont….


(edited from – Even though political advertising is not as hot as expected, Media General (owners of WFLA) reported that 3Q revenues shot up 18%, while newspaper revenues were dow 7.6%. Look for TV to be up even more in Q4, while the company is looking for newspaper revenues to be down again, though not as much….Cont….


11 2010