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A hypnotizing birth for Heather Van Nest…

Watch the video below as WTSP anchor Heather Van Nest recounts her experience giving birth, using hypnotism and breathing.

As Florida News Center reported back in March, Van Nest is no stranger to trying new things during her pregnancy. Read our story, “How acupuncture got me pregnant,” to read about Van Nest’s story of contraception.


05 2011

How acupunture got me pregnant…

The local area magazine Tampa Bay Wellness, has profiled WTSP anchor Heather Van Nest and the progress of her recent pregnancy and delivery of a new baby daughter.

In the latest issue, Van Nest explains how she used acupuncture to get pregnant and even avoid the typical morning sickness, hormonal and other issues, often associated with pregnancy. She acknowledges that only a few small studies show that acupuncture can assist couples trying in-vitro fertilization (not the ole fashion way). However, she still attributes to the acupuncturist “getting her pregnant.” Read the entire article by CLICKING HERE.

Tampa Bay Wellness magazine is a free publication, paid for by advertisers.


03 2011

Kaufeldt, Van Nest return…

(edited from - Have you seen the promos for WOFL-Channel 35 anchor Amy Kaufeldt?  She will return to the Fox-owned station from maternity leave on Wednesday.

But Kaufeldt, who used to anchor in the evening, will be on “Good Day” in the morning. “Wake up with Amy!” WOFL tells us.

Also returning back to television, Heather Van Nest returns to Tampa’s WTSP CBS 10, Jan 24th.

Van Nest gave birth to a 7.9lb baby son this past November. She returns Jan 24th.


01 2011

Anchor announces she’s pregnant…

(from - It’s official! Mike and I (Heather Van Nest) are having a baby! We’re almost 5 months into pregnancy and we STILL can’t believe we’re having a baby girl!

We have been married long enough (10 years!) to see our friends and family go through the major transformation that comes with starting a family. Mike and I have been dragging our feet for years and never really “tried” because the timing was never right….Cont….


05 2010