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Joel Connable dies suddenly…

(edited from – Former WTVJ-NBC 6 anchorman Joel Connable was found dead in Seattle — just days after tying the knot and leaving Miami to relaunch his TV news career.

Connable, 39, married his longtime girlfriend two weeks ago, and he was making his comeback to the big time at Seattle’s ABC affiliate KOMO after three years out of the news business.

Connable was fired from NBC 6 in 2009 for allegedly taking freebies – a no-no at the Broward County-based station. His wrongful termination lawsuit against the organization is still pending.

Foul play is not suspected in Connable’s death: He is believed to have suffered a diabetic seizure while at home sometime Tuesday….Cont….

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11 2012

Former WTVJ anchor finds work in Seattle…

(edited from – Former WTVJ anchor Joel Connable is joining Seattle’s KOMO-TV, as weekend anchor and weekday reporter. His first day on the air at KOMO will be November 1st

Connable has been out of the TV news business since 2009 when WTVJ dismissed him for allegedly violating company policy on free gifts. He and two WTVJ employees were to go on assignment to a hotel whose public relations manager offered to refund room charges. Connable is said to have declined the offer and then showed the email correspondence to WTVJ management who dismissed him and one of the two employees was laid off. Joel Connable filed a lawsuit against WTVJ and NBC shortly after his dismissal. That lawsuit is still ongoing three years later and NBC has made attempts to settle it. At the time, WTVJ was in the middle of heavy layoffs and insiders and outsiders speculate that the incident was used as an excuse to fire a high-salaried employee….Cont….


10 2012

Connable returns to South FL TV…

Our friends at report…Former WTVJ lead news anchor Joel Connable departed from NBC6 just over seven months ago, and soon, you’ll be seeing him back on the TV airwaves in South Florida and nationwide in a revolutionary new way. It’s called ‘Travel TV News,’ and as Connable described it: “his dream job.” What is Travel TV News (TTN)? Founder and CEO Joel Connable describes it as a revolutionary new way to offer their clients (usually hotel resorts, cruise lines, and tourism ministries) a new and fresh way to advertise….Cont….


11 2009

Fired Joel Connable speaks out…

(from – Former WTVJ lead anchor Joel Connable speaks out in an interview to our friends at……………………..
On April 27th, Joel Connable was dismissed from WTVJ with a sea of controversy and questions following soon behind him. After much persistence, I had the chance to speak with Mr. Connable and ask him some questions about what happened at WTVJ, and what he?s doing now. The big news is a lawsuit has been filed against NBC. Gina Cadogan of Schnall and Cadogan is representing him in this case, currently filed in Florida state court. NBC claims Mr. Connable violated NBC policy by accepting a trip free of charge, in exchange for taping a story featuring the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas. When we asked Connable about the allegations, he said this. “I did not solicit favors from anybody? and I am truly hurt by the allegations” Connable said. The lawsuit claims a producer at NBC6 suggested Connable and another NBC employee shoot a story for his travel segment, called “The Departure Lounge,” while they were on the trip. The lawsuit says Connable never agreed to shoot a story and they were all going on a personal trip and not taking any NBC equipment. According to Connable, he first heard about the allegations from several NBC6 employees who said they were being discussed in the newsroom. That?s when Joel says he went to speak with his news director about the rumors and she explained how shooting a segment on one?s personal time could fall in a gray area. “After meeting with my news director and listening to her advice, the trip was cancelled because we, obviously, wouldn?t want to do anything that didn?t follow NBC guidelines.” The lawsuit claims Connable never requested anything for free. It goes on to say that when the public relations director sent Connable?s producer an email offering to cover the cost of flights and rooms, Connable replied that he could not accept anything for free. Despite this, WTVJ management ultimately made the decision to let him go. Connable?s contract was terminated April 27th, 2009 and a lawsuit was filed soon after for breach of contract. NBC was served this Monday, June 8th. Apparently, there is a special clause in Mr. Connable?s contract that states the following:

“[?] Company may terminate this agreement in the event of artist (Joel Connable) breach of any material representation warranty term or condition of this agreement, provided however, that prior to any termination NBC will provide artist with written notice and give artist opportunity to cure breech, if such cure is timely and possible.”

According to the lawsuit, Connable was never given written notice, nor was he given an opportunity to cure his alleged breach. Insiders close to the investigation tell that NBC threatened Connable not to pursue the lawsuit, or “he would never work in broadcasting again.” That same anonymous source gives us this opinion: “I think it was a shock to the NBC6 viewers. To suddenly take your main male anchor, who was promoted to a position formally held by a Miami news legend (Tony Segreto), and just make him vanish? is not only disrespectful to the viewers who care about who they?re watching, but I think it also cuts off more oxygen to a station that desperately needs to be revived.” Another source at WTVJ, who insisted on remaining anonymous, says that Connable was due a substantial raise in August. Our source also claims NBC was locked into that contract until the latter part of 2010. It may be possible that NBC was looking for a way to eliminate a high paying contract during these tough economic times. According to Connable?s attorney, NBC isn?t the only one being sued. A lawsuit has also been filed against NBC6 Executive Producer Tammy Delgado for defamation of character. She?s accused of making slanderous and libelous statements to her subordinates regarding Connable?s alleged wrongdoing. There is no set amount that?s being sued for in the case, but Connable says “All I want is for my contract to be honored.”……see the rest at


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