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Jose Fajardo is leaving WMFE…

(from – Jose Fajardo, the president and CEO of WMFE, is leaving, the public broadcaster announced Friday.

Fajardo has been with WMFE since 1996 and became CEO in 2007. He oversaw WMFE’s getting out of public television last year, a controversial move that ended with the sale last month of Channel 24 to the University of Central Florida for $3.3 million.

WMFE decided to concentrate on its radio station, 90.7 FM. WMFE Board Chair Bob Showalter said that Fajardo was leaving the radio station in the best financial condition in recent memory. Showalter cited an October fund drive that raised $200,000; the goal had been $180,000…..Cont…..


10 2012

The sky is falling at WMFE…

(from – Orlando public broadcaster WMFE says it needs to sell its TV station quickly or the consequences could be dire.

In a comment this week to the Federal Communications Commission, WMFE has answered 525 objections to its selling TV station Channel 24. WMFE reveals that its “cash reserves are limited and most have already been consumed to sustain WMFE-TV over the past few months.”

WMFE adds that a delay in the sale “would be devastating to the surviving entity.”….Cont….


06 2011

WMFE trying to rally the troops…

(from – The House vote last weekend to eliminate funding for public broadcasting concerns Jose Fajardo, president and CEO of WMFE in Orlando.

Yet Fajardo also says he is also hopeful. “We have long had the support of the American public and the elected officials who represent them because we are recognized for providing critical services for the entire nation,” Fajardo said in an e-mail.

Fajardo stressed that only 11 percent of public broadcaster WMFE’s overall budget comes from federal funding.

But he urges PBS viewers and NPR listeners to register their concern. “Local stations, including WMFE, have launched a grass-roots effort, called 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting (, to give supporters of public television and radio a way to let members of Congress know that public broadcasting is important in their life,” Fajardo wrote….Cont….


02 2011