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Attorney wants to depose WESH/WFTV reporters…

(from – How do you like it when reporters become part of the story?

Casey Anthony’s attorney, Charles Greene, has filed notice that he plans to depose WFTV-Channel 9’s Kathi Belich and WESH-Channel 2’s Michelle Meredith on Nov. 28 in the Zenaida Gonzalez civil suit.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation, saying her life was ruined when she was linked to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony.

According to Gonzalez’s witness list, she wants Belich to testify at trial on the “degree of media coverage surrounding the search for Zenaida Gonzalez.”….Cont….


11 2012

Dirty pool?

Our friends at report that someone has bought the domain name of WFTV reporter Kathi Belich ( The domain name is being forwarded to The Baez Law Firm, which is handling the notorious Casey Anthony case (draw your own conclusions).

Jose Baez (of The Baez Law Firm) has been very vocal about Belich’s intense coverage of the Casey Anthony case and Anthony’s defense by Baez.

Is this Baez’s tricky way of getting back at Belich/WFTV? The domain owner is hidden by, but WFTV News Director, Robert Jordan says WFTV “will take appropriate steps in response.”

Stay tuned for further developments and (no doubt) more drama from those involved with the Casey Anthony case.


03 2011

WFTV, Belich agree to new long-term contract…

(from Belich today agreed to a new long-term contract with WFTV-Channel 9, the station announced.

Belich’s contract wasn’t going to be up until later this year, but news director Bob Jordan said he was determined to get the deal done early.

“I don’t want her thinking about her contract when she’s covering the Casey Anthony trial,” Jordan said.

Belich’s reaction? “I am very happy. I love my job and the level of professionalism in our newsroom!” she said in an e-mail….Cont….


02 2011

WFTV wants to keep Belich off witness stand…

*NOTE – While I vowed to try and not report on any stories involving the Casey Anthony case (because I hate the way Orlando TV has “pimped” this horrible story), this is a story which can not be ignored…Read on…

(from – Would you believe Kathi Belich as a witness for the defense in the Casey Anthony case?

Believe. The hard-charging reporter from WFTV-Channel 9 is on a new list of defense witnesses.

What does news director Bob Jordan have to say to that? “The station will resist any attempt to get Kathi Belich to testify for anyone, the prosecution or defense,” Jordan told me this afternoon. “She is a reporter. She has worked independently as a journalist. I’m wondering if the real motive is to keep her out of the courtroom. It’s pretty transparent.”….Cont….


02 2011

WFTV defends Belich…Want Bob Jordan’s phone #?

(from – WFTV-Ch. 9 has posted fascinating raw footage of Cheney Mason lashing into veteran reporter Kathi Belich today.

Mason, an attorney for Casey Anthony, ripped the persistent Belich by saying, “I’m worried about you always bothering me.” He called her questions “too stupid.”  Mason said he’d have to talk to Belich’s boss if she didn’t back up and leave him alone.

And that’s not all. Mason called her boss “stupid.” When Belich said she had obviously struck a nerve, Mason replied, “You are a nerve.”

So what does Belich’s boss have to say?

“I don’t know what all the hubbub is about,” WFTV news director Bob Jordan said. “Kathi was polite. Her questions were relevant and on point. His demeanor speaks for itself — as does Kathi’s.” ….Cont….


07 2010