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Monday bloodbath at WTVJ…

(edited from our friends at – Breaking news now confirmed by Major talent layoffs at WTVJ NBC6 today. Shocked tipsters are telling that longtime anchor and South Florida icon/news legend Kelly Craig (top right) was laid off from the station early Monday afternoon. You heard right. The anchor that has been there since April of 1990 was laid off. Joining in this major round of lay-offs are weekday morning reporter Joe Carter, and Andrea Brody, the only female sports anchor at WTVJ. SFLTV is told that these layoffs were all most likely due to the economy. Talent wasn?t the only cost-cutting item to go.? has confirmed that? WTVJ has canceled the NBC6 weekend morning newscast. We observed this ?Tweet? by WTVJ executive producer Tammy Delgado, which seemed to originally confirm the suspicion of the layoffs: ?I hate today.. hate it.. hate it.. hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Tammy would be the producer in charge of both Kelly Craig and Joe Carter. As of 3:30 PM on 6/29, their bios have been removed. contacted Ms. Craig and received this response:? ?From the bottom of my heart, I thank South Florida for 19 years of support and viewership.? I am truly blessed to have worked at a station where I was surrounded by dedicated professionals who I am honored to call my friends.? I will dearly miss them all.? insiders are also telling our staff that several production employees were ALSO let go today from WTVJ. We?re told some layoffs include a floor manager, and possibly a steady camera operator.? Stay tuned…….


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