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WKRG to get a new set…a hint to the future?

WKRG announced on it’s Facebook page last week, that the Mobile/Pensacola station will be getting a new set. The new set will debut in the next “2 to 3 weeks.”

The current station set is being dismantled and will be donated to local schools.

Last week, Florida News Center told you that a merger deal had been made between Media General (the owners of WKRG) and LIN TV (the owners of WALA and WFNA). WKRG, WALA, and WFNA are all three in the Mobile/Pensacola market. There was been much speculation which of the three stations with be kept by the new “merged” company, to be known as Media General. The fact that WKRG is getting a new set, might be a clue to which station”s” the new company plans to keep. The investment into these new updates at WKRG, might be worth holding onto by the soon-to-be larger Media General.

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for pictures and multimedia of the new changes at WKRG and the future status’ of WKRG, WALA, and WFNA.

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03 2014

WKRG/WALA/WFNA now in play from MG/LIN merger…

(from – Before they can close their proposed $1.6 merger, Media General and LIN Media will have to sell or swap stations in five markets to comply with FCC rules limiting common ownership of more than one station in a market, Media General CEO George Mahoney told securities analysts following the announcement of the mega-deal this morning.

Media General and LIN have overlapping stations in five markets — Providence; Savannah, Ga.; Birmingham, Ala.; Mobile, Ala.; and Green Bay, Wis.

In Mobile, Media General owns WKRG (CBS); LIN owns WALA (Fox) and WFNA (CW).

In Providence, Media General owns WJAR (NBC); LIN owns WPRI (CBS) and operates WNAC (Fox) through a marketing agreement….Cont….


03 2014

Media General and DishNet reach a retrans deal…

(from - Media General and DISH Network have resolved their retransmission consent dispute. Terms were not disclosed, but in a short statement Saturday (Nov. 16), the two sides said stations in 17 markets (including WFLA-TV in the  Tampa  market and WKRG-TV in Mobile/Pensacola market) were going back up on the bird immediately.

That resolution came only a day after Media General told the FCC that Dish should be sanctioned for a laundry list of alleged sins including abuse of process and misreprentations. That came in a response to Dish’s formal complaint that Media General had not been negotiating in good faith, which the FCC is empowered to enforce.

The stations had been dark on Dish since Oct. 1, and Dish had filed its complaint Oct. 18….Cont….


11 2013

Don North is out WFLA as N/D, the search is on…

(from - Don North, news director for WFLA-TV NewsChannel 8, has left the station, a spokeswoman for station owner Media General said.

Nancy Chafin, a spokeswoman for the Richmond, Va.-based company, would not discuss the circumstances of North’s departure, including whether he left voluntarily or was terminated.

North joined NewsChannel 8 in 2005 from Media General’s CBS affiliate in Wichita, Kan. NewsChannel 8 and The Tampa Tribune had been sister companies underneath Media General, but the companies parted when Media General sold the Tribune to Revolution Capital Group in October 2012….Cont….


11 2013

Dish temporarily restores WKRG’s signal for Karen… reports that Dish Network will temporarily restore WKRG-TV’s signal to the satellite company’s programming list, so that the station could provide coverage and information regarding Tropical Storm Karen (which will impact the region Saturday/Sunday). WKRG announced on its Facebook page that WKRG would be restored on Dish from Oct 5th at 6 a.m. through Monday the 7th at 12:01 a.m.

The temporary deal was made between Dish and Media General, to provide viewers in the Mobile/Pensacola market with the appropriate weather information. As Florida News Center reported last week, Media General (the owners of WKRG and Tampa’s WFLA) and Dish Network are in a carriage fee dispute. Dish pulled WKRG, WFLA and 16 other Media General stations in other media markets on Oct 1st.


10 2013

WFLA/Media General in yet another retrans fight…

(from – Media General NBC affiliate WFLA Tampa, Fla. (DMA 14) today announced that its retransmission consent contract with Dish Network expires on Sept. 30 at midnight ET and, the station said: “At this time it appears unlikely that a new agreement will be reached. If a new retransmission consent contract is not reached by Sept. 30, by law, Dish cannot carry certain local television stations owned, operated, or serviced by Media General Inc. on its satellite system.

“Our highly-rated television station is an important asset to our local community and it is unfortunate that Dish does not recognize our fair market value,” said General Manager Brad Moses. “Although we have successfully completed agreements with other cable and satellite operators, Dish has refused to reach a similar agreement. We continue to negotiate with Dish to reach a fair, market-based deal before our contract expires.”….Cont….


09 2013

UPDATE: Young controls, but Media General will lead…

(edited from – UPDATED: Media General (owners of Tampa’s WFLA and Mobile’s WKRG) and Young Broadcasting shocked many in the broadcast world with word of their planned merger. The new entity will comprise 30 affiliated stations in 27 markets, reaching 14% of U.S. households, and will be known as Media General.

“This is a truly transformational event for Media General,” said George Mahoney, president and CEO of Media General. “We look at it as a perfect marriage for two like-minded broadcasters.”

Station groups are under considerable pressure to grow their footprint, resulting in an unparalleled degree of consolidation.

Investors on a conference call announcing the merger largely applauded the new Media General. “It’s not quite the outcome we expected, but it really is quite brilliant,” said Barry Lucas, senior analyst at Gabelli & Co….Cont….


06 2013

Young Broadcasting and Media General merge…

(edited from – Media General, Inc. (owners of Tampa’s WFLA and Mobile’s WKRG) and privately held New Young Broadcasting Holding Co., Inc., both local broadcast television and digital media companies, today announced a definitive agreement to combine the two companies in an all-stock merger transaction.  The new company will retain the Media General name and will remain headquartered in Richmond, VA.

Media General owns 18 network-affiliated stations, and Young owns or operates 12 network-affiliated stations.  The combination will create a company with 30 stations operating in 27 markets, reaching 16.5 million, or 14%, of U.S. TV households.  On a pro forma basis, 2012 revenues were $605 million, including approximately $115 million of political revenues….Cont…..


06 2013

WFLA & Bright House make nice…

(from – Bright House Networks customers got a welcome New Year’s present Monday, as the company announced a last-minute deal with Media General to keep the Virginia-based media chain’s TV stations on its system, including Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA-Ch. 8.

But the deal, reportedly reached an hour before the midnight deadline on New Year’s Eve, follows the pattern of several recent conflicts between cable and satellite companies and broadcasters. (considering that Bright House has more than a million households in its system in the Tampa Bay area, NBC’s affiliate disappearing from the system would have hurt everyone from NBC Universal to viewers without access to other systems or a broadcast antenna….Cont….


01 2013

WFLA and Bright House duke it out…

TV viewers are once again subjected to retransmission fights between a local station (and its owner) and a television provider. This time Tampa’s WFLA-TV (Media General) and BrightHouse Networks cable are in negotiations for a new signal transmission agreement. If WFLA and Bright House do not come to an agreement before January 1, 2013, the station will be pulled from local cable line-ups.

Of course this grand standing is nothing new to television and is usually always resolved from signals are pulled. However, WFLA is not taking any chances and has been encouraging its viewers to switch to other providers, via segments in every newscast, crawls on the top and bottom of national simulcasts and via a special website ( Stay tuned….


12 2012