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John Bachman named lead anchor at WTEV/WAWS… reports that John Bachman will join WTEV/WAWS in the fall of 2014 as lead anchor. He has been named as the Jacksonville duopoly’s new lead P.M. anchor, replacing the departing Mark Spain.

Bachman comes from WTEV/WAWS Cox sister station, WSB-TV in Atlanta. He joined WSB in 2011, rising from weekend anchor to weekday anchor.

Bachman is the first of five new faces who will fill chairs which are or soon will be empty at WTEV/WAWS. As Florida News Center reported back in May, lead anchors Mark Spain, Paige Kelton, Tera Barz, Mike Barz, and Lynnesy Gardner were informed that their contracts were not being renewed and that the station was “going in a different direction” in the fall.

Sources told Florida News Center at the time, that the search was on through out the Cox television properties to find talent that could fill the soon-to-be voids at WTEV/WAWS. Bachman is number one….who will be 2, 3, 4, & 5? Stay tuned to Florida News Center for the latest.


07 2014

Tera Barz departs WTEV/WAWS…

(from – When Action News launched its new website last week, a familiar face was missing from its Action News Team page: Tera Barz.

Following a report less than a month ago that the TV news organization would not be renewing the contracts of five of its top six anchors, Barz appears to be the first to leave the station, which broadcasts its newscasts on WAWS-TV Fox30 and WTEV-TV CBS 47.

Her photo and bio no longer appear with those of Action News’ other anchors, including husband Mike Barz, Lynnsey Gardner, Paige Kelton, Dawn Lopez, Derrick Odom and Mark Spain….Cont….


06 2014

Mark Spain is looking for a job…

WTEV/WAWS lead anchor Mark Spain is now actively looking for a new job. Talent agency DCA Talent has created a web page for Spain, including contact information and a YouTube talent reel.

In surprising frankness, the DCA Talent resume page for Spain lists the following as his reason for looking for new work:

New owners at WAWS/WTEV in Jacksonville are making wholesale changes: three evening anchors and two morning anchors have been told they will not be renewed, and Mark Spain is one of them.  Has been a Main Anchor in Jacksonville for fourteen years.  Please take a look!

As Florida News Center reported several weeks ago, WTEV/WAWS informed five of its leading anchors that their contracts were not being renewed in the fall. The station plans to go in a different direction and add new faces to the anchor desk. This anchor shuffle included Mark Spain, Paige Kelton, Tera Barz, Mike Barz, and Lynnsey Gardner.


06 2014

“I think they exercised bad judgement”….

(from – When word got out that the contracts five news anchors from WTEV-CBS 47 and WAWS-Fox 30 wouldn’t be renewed, it quickly became a hot topic — at least to people around City Council President Bill Gulliford.

In response, Gulliford has offered his observations of the company’s decision to Cox Media Group President Bill Hoffman.

In a letter to Hoffman dated today on council letterhead, Gulliford said the move by Action News is “getting a lot of push back in the community.”

“I have heard it constantly since the story broke,” Gulliford wrote. “People are challenging the wisdom of such a move and questioning whether Cox Media really gets the local aspect of their operation here.”

Asked about the letter, Gulliford said he heard a little more background about the situation from one of the anchors after an interview. After hearing about the situation, he said he didn’t “think someone up the line understands what Jacksonville is about.”

“I think they exercised bad judgment,” he said….Cont….


06 2014

UPDATE: WTEV/WAWS cuts anchor team…

UPDATE: As Florida News Center reported earlier this week, Jacksonville duopoly WTEV/WAWS is blowing up their lead anchor team to “start over from scratch.” We reported that Mark Spain, Paige Kelton, and Tera Barz were on the chopping block and that the axe might not stop there.

The Jacksonville Business Journal now confirms the latter. We now know that station is blowing up their morning team as well. Morning anchors Mike Barz (the husband of Tera Barz) and Lynnsey Gardner will also be out of the door when their contracts are up.

We hear that Cox Communications (the owners of WTEV/WAWS) have began to look for talent to poach from their other stations around the country, to fill the pending vacancies. Stay tuned to Florida News Center for any further developments.


05 2014