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A marriage of distance / Diaz engaged…

(from Garofalo married last month. Garofalo married Sasha Andrade, a reporter at WPLG-TV in Miami. They met 4 and a half years ago when they were working at the same station in Albuquerque. “She’s a phenomenal reporter,” Garofalo says. “We’re working on getting her here.” She could work anywhere in town, he adds. “She does have some friends that are at other stations. She’s pretty well-connected. We hope something will pop.” Living in different cities is nothing new for the couple. Andrade has been working in Miami for two years. Garofalo joined CBS affiliate WKMG in December. “It’s not fun, but we’ve made it work,” Garofalo says.

Laura Diaz is engaged. Diaz got engaged a month ago to a WKMG colleague she identifies only as Mike. “He’s in sales,” Diaz says. “He’s in the other world, what we call the dark side.” She plans to marry Oct. 22 next year. “I wanted a year not to stress out about the planning,” she says. “I figured a year from now.” Diaz is enjoying her new role as a morning anchor. “I love the morning,” she says. “It’s a perfect shift for me.” She made a fleeting reference on the air to her engagement. Colleagues asked what she had done that weekend, and she revealed her news. “It was a quick mention,” she says. “It’s my personal life, so I’m sure the viewers could care less. They want the news.”


11 2009

Future changes at WKMG/WOFL…

as first reported Monday….(from – It’s never a good sign when an anchor or a meteorologist loses a time slot, especially in rough economic times. Stations are trying to shed high-priced talent to cut costs. We learned that lesson with Bob Frier (right #1), the former WKMG anchor. He lost the 6 p.m. time slot when Mike Garofalo arrived late last year, and that was the tipoff that WKMG was easing out Frier. Frier left the station in February. Recent moves by WKMG suggest that chief meteorologist Tom Sorrells (right #2) and anchor Jacqueline London (right #3) may not be on the air much longer. London and Sorrells are on the new, hour-long 6 p.m. news, but they are no longer on at 11 p.m. — thus the speculation. Here’s the tricky part: We don’t know how their contracts are structured. Appearances could be deceiving. There’s widespread speculation that the well-liked Frier will land at WOFL. Has a contract been signed? When could he reach the air? No definitive news on that front. But there’s more speculation that Frier’s arrival could mean that WOFL’s Cale Ramaker (left) is on the way out. Not true, several knowledgeable sources tell me. The anchor gossip is interesting, but until a station or the anchor tells us what’s up, it’s just talk.


10 2009

WKMG GM says anchor “experiment” has worked…

(from – WKMG’s committed to a new strategy to pull out of a difficult period in a tough economy. Orlando?s CBS affiliate is banking on promoting a rearranged team ? especially its personalities. General Manager Skip Valet said a shift in anchorwomen, which started last month as an experiment, already has paid off. ?We?re moving out of the test phase,? Valet said. ?We?re getting very good results. I think the broadcasts are certainly improving. The ratings are definitely improving. We?re going to continue the course.? Lauren Rowe (pictured) will remain at 11 p.m. while Laura Diaz takes her slot in early morning. Jacqueline London continues at 6 p.m. In August, the station?s news shows ran third ? behind WFTV-Channel 9 and WESH-Channel 2 ? at 6 a.m., 6 and 11 p.m. in the 25-to-54 age group that?s most important to advertisers. But WKMG trumpets improvement in that age group, especially women…..Cont……


09 2009