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VIDEO: Holiday promo’s from WSFL…

Check out these cool holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween themed promos from Miami’s WSFL….and how they were made here.

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12 2016

WFLX sells studios, pink slips fly…

(edited from – SFLTV has it on good ear that WFLX have sold their offices on Blue Heron boulevard and will move out of them and into WPTV’s building at the end of May.

Out of the 40 or so staff members 30 have been laid off, leaving about a dozen in management and ad sales to support the operation….Read more from our friends at SFLTV….

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05 2011

Former Miami personalities find work after TV…

(from our friends at – A reader, several actually, noticed that several former news anchors are now doing television ads that air locally.

Since about October 2010 former WPLG lead anchorman Dwight Lauderdale has been the spokesperson for Avmed Medicare. SFLTV readers are now reporting they have seen former WTVJ lead anchor Tony Segreto and former WPLG anchor/reporter Dianne Magnum doing tv commercials too.

There is/was another tv commercial starring Dwight Lauderdale for Mount Sainai Medical Center Foundation raising money for the hospital via text messages. Lauderdale also has his own consulting company aptly called ‘Dwight Lauderdale Productions’. And if you’ve driven around South Florida you might have seen those white and yellow billboards for AvMed featuring Dwight Lauderdale smiling back at you. (from


01 2011

WFOR to go HD Feb 2010…finally!

According to our friends at,  insiders at CBS say that Miami’s WFOR is expected to go HD this February right before the Super Bowl.  SFLTV sources also say that a new graphics package is also expected to follow with the HD Transition. Stay tuned for further information.

//Thanks to our friends at

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12 2009

Yarbough leaving WTVJ…

(from our good friends at -?Julia Yarbough joined the WTVJ NBC6 news team in April 1998 as a fresh and talented face, stolen from WSVN. Since the time she joined WTVJ, she?s won multiple awards including ?Best Female Anchor? by the Broward New Times. One of her most recent and memorable assignments was her reporting from the Beijing Olympics. Now, over ten years and multiple co-anchors later, Yarbough is set to leave the TV news screens for good this week. SFLTV was the first to bring you the news of her departure two months ago, and today we were informed she is leaving this Tuesday. spoke with Ms. Yarbough about her departure, and future plans….Cont….


10 2009