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Ransomeware meltdown at SNN…

Sources tell Florida News Center that a week and a half ago, Sarasota 24hr news outlet SNN lost most of it’s news/graphics automation system and several newsroom computers to a ransomware trojan horse.

The ransomware started on a single computer and was then spread through the station via routine file sharing during the work day. The station’s automated newscasts system had to be quickly rebuilt to keep the 24hr news feed cycling. Unknown to viewers, the station was essentially off the air for most of the day while the system was rebuilt, using an older newscasts to fill the void. Nearly a days worth of live newscasts were lost. Read the rest of this entry →


09 2016

SNN interviews the competition for story….

Sarasota 24hour news outlet, SNN broadcast a story last week about the Zika virus. The story detailed how communication between counties, the state and local media was not always on the same page. In the (video below) SNN multimedia journalist Jason Raven included an interview with competition for feedback about the communications issues. Raven interviewed WWSB medical reporter Alix Redmonde for the “media’s” take on the story.

While this is not unheard of, we here at Florida News Center find this odd and a tad unconventional. Why would one highlight the competition for story, instead of just using another reporter from SNN for the story? Kudos on a good story, but why another outlet? Read the rest of this entry →


09 2016

SNN LIVE Hurricane Irma Coverage


09 2016

New graphics package & a tweaked logo at SNN…

Viewers watching Sarasota based Suncoast News Network (SNN) may have noticed several changes to the 24hr news station this week. SNN has introduced a newly tweaked logo (left), with the addition of a rhomboid background and a new graphics package (below).

Check out the screen caps and video below

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10 2015

Adam Shadoff to join WOFL sports…

(edited from – Orlando’s WOFL has named Adam Shadoff as the station’s newest sports anchor and multimedia journalist. Effective June 22, Shadoff will anchor the weekend sports and report for several newscasts throughout the week.

Shadoff comes from the 24hr news channel SNN in Sarasota, where he has been the sports director, anchor, and reporter for the past 5 years. Prior to SNN he worked in sports at KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, WRIC-TV in Richmond, KSTM-TV in El Paso and WUTR in Utica.


06 2015