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FNC on YouTube – New Changes at SNN…

Watch the FNC on YouTube video below as Sarasota’s 24-hour cable news channel, SNN debuts a new logo, new set, new music, new slogan, and edited graphics. The new appearance changes, also brought the return of meteorologist Justin Mosely back to SNN.

This video was from March 3, 2014. Thank you to anonymous!


03 2014

Changes at SNN…

Sources tell Florida News Center that changes are afoot at Sarasota’s SNN. The 24hour cable-news channel is debuting a new logo (example left), new set, and some new/old talent.

As Florida News Center reported earlier last month, former SNN chief meteorologist Justin Mosely (right) is returning to the station, after just a year at WPBF in West Palm Beach. Mosley’s return is expected to usher in the new changes.

The changes and Mosley debut tonight (Monday) on the 5pm news cast. Stay tuned to Florida News Center for any updates.


03 2014

Justin Mosely to leave WPBF, back to SNN…

(from - Sources tell Florida News Center that WPBF meteorologist Justin Mosely is leaving the West Palm Beach station, after just a year.

Mosely is headed back to Sarasota area 24hr cable news channel, SNN. He will officially be back on the air at SNN March 3rd.

Mosely joined WPBF in 2013, after working over 7 years at SNN.

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for any further details.


02 2014

Justin Mosely to West Palm Beach….

(from - Justin Mosely, chief meteorologist at SNN Local News, is leaving Southwest Florida to broadcast the weather on Florida’s east coast, at an ABC TV affiliate in West Palm Beach.

His last day in front of the Sarasota weather map will be Feb. 6. His first day at his new broadcast home, WPBF-Channel 25, where he will also be a meteorologist on staff, will be Thursday.

Mosely is SNN’s longest-tenured employee, said Linda DesMarais, SNN’s executive vice president and general manager.

“He has grown his skills and talent year after year, and has been very important to the success of the station,” DesMarais told staffers. “Justin is an exceptional team player, and I know everyone here will miss him.”….Cont….


02 2013

Changes at SNN…

As Florida News Center reported earlier this summer, SNN Sarasota’s cable-only 24hr news channel announced a deal to be carried on Verizon’s FiOS cable system. SNN premiered on FiOS this past Friday. Prior to FiOS, SNN was only available on local Comcast cable systems.

The station also chose its FiOS cable debut to introduce a new logo (left top) and a slightly tweaked graphics package.

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09 2012

Changes coming for SNN6/Verizon customers…

Sources tell Florida News Center that huge changes are looming for Sarasota’s 24hour cable-only news outlet, SNN6. The channel has been exclusively carried on Comcast cable systems since its inception. That exclusivity with Comcast will change, as Verizon’s FiOS cable will begin offering SNN6 to its local customers.

Sources go on to tell Florida News Center that with the carriage of FiOS, expect to see changes at channel itself. Look for a rebranding from the current “SNN6″ to “SNN Local News.”

So far there is no word on if Verizon will offer SNN to the rest of the FiOS Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota media market. Currently SNN is only seen on Comcast in Sarasota & Charlotte counties. Stay tuned for further information…


05 2012

SNN to sell off assets to pay bills…

(from – As a result of a lawsuit filed by Gravitas Leasing LLC against the owner of SNN, LDB Media LLC, 12th Judicial Circuit Judge Lee Haworth has awarded Gravitas the right to sell off the TV station’s equipment to cover a debt of more than $400,000.

Gravitas Leasing, which is controlled by retired Illinois attorney and Palm Tower owner Randall Bono; Alton, Ill.-based CPA Michael Fitzgerald and Dunlap; and Sarasota attorney Johnson Savary Jr., says in its civil case against LDB Media that the TV station owner stopped paying its note in July.

However, Doug Barker, a partner in LDB Media, says the sell-off is not going to happen.

“This is an internal deal with one of our partners that he did for some reasons we don’t necessarily want to get into,” Barker said, adding that he was not at liberty to discuss more of the situation….Cont….

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02 2012

Mayk to WFLA…

(from - WFLA, Channel 8, has hired a reporter, Lauren Mayk, who has been an anchor at the SNN cable news channel in Sarasota. She also has been a reporter for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. She joins News Channel 8 on Nov. 29.


10 2010

Shutdown at SNN…

(from – A massive computer server failure forced SNN Local News 6 off the air early Wednesday.

“The best way to explain it is our main computer crashed,” said SNN Local News 6 general manager Linda DesMarais.

The failure involved several drives from the primary playout crashing simultaneously, preventing the 24-hour cable news channel from producing local news and weather for hours.

Fixing the problem requires installing new components, which were expected to arrive early today. SNN officials said they expect the channel to return to regular programming this afternoon.

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07 2010