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Warriner out, Johnston in at WAWS/WTEV…

Sources tell Florida News Center that WAWS/WTEV is parting ways with morning meteorologist Jamie Warriner. Warriner was informed several weeks ago, that his contract is not going to be renewed. His bio has since been removed from the stations’ website.

Warriner joined the Jacksonville duopoly in August of 2002 from Kansas’ Sunflower Cable News. Do not count Warriner out just yet….stay tuned!

So who, will replace him on the AM show?

Florida News Center has learned that former WFTX-TV chief meteorologist Tom Johnston has been hired to replace Warriner, on the AM show at WAWS/WTEV. Johnston is expected to start on the air, as soon as this week, just in time to track the intensifying, hurricane Irene.

FNC readers may remember that Tom Johnston and WFTX-TV parted ways back in Oct of 2009. Since that the time he has been “on the beach,” in the Miami area. Johnston had worked at Miami’s WSVN-TV, before taking the chief met position at WFTX in 2006.



08 2011

UPDATE: Johnston gone from WFTX…

Sources tell Florida News Center that chief meteorologist Tom Johnston has left Fort Myers’ WFTX. His bio page was removed from the WFTX website, There’s no word on why Johnston has left the station or where he’ll officially end up. We say officially because his Facebook and Twitter pages lists his location as Miami, FL. Johnston Tweets:

Back to Mia….11:45 PM Oct 22nd

Why is Miami special to Johnston? Before landing as Chief at WFTX, he worked at Miami’s WSVN. Stay tuned to FNC for further information.

UPDATE: The Fort Myers News-Press confirms our story above in an article this morning.


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