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Perez takes on former employers in “Confessions..”…

(edited from – Former WABC/CH. 7 (mostly recently at Miami’s WPLG) anchor Charles Perez has a new book out, and it’s a safe bet he won’t be invited to station reunions.

That’s because in “Confessions of a Gay Anchorman,” he takes a blowtorch to the folks at WABC Ch. 7 for the way he was treated.

“I would learn the hard way that these were not nice people, with the exception of Sade [Baderinwa],” Perez writes. “She had somehow learned to swim in these waters with a certain Teflon quality. Of that, I was envious.”

Perez joined WABC Ch. 7 as a weekend anchor and correspondent in 2004. However, two years in, he left for a job in Miami.

Perez trashes Diana Williams, Liz Cho, Bill Ritter and particularly Sam Champion (now at GMA) in the book.

He also slams the way the station operates….Cont….


01 2011