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WTSP parked in the wrong spot…

(photo c/o Mike McGinnis) – reports that a man on the University of South Florida Tampa campus noticed the WTSP station vehicle below, parked in an electric car charging spot and called the station out on it. The photo below was posted WTSP’s Facebook page.

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01 2016

Rachel Polansky to join WBBH…

(edited from Polansky is joining Fort Myers, Fla., NBC affiliate WBBH.

Polansky comes from WSYR in Syracuse, N.Y., where she was a reporter and anchor.

Polansky’s first day at WBBH is Monday, Dec. 21….Cont….


12 2015

WBBH news crew parks illegally, Facebook responds…

Check out the pic left, showing a WBBH news vehicle that was parked illegally in a handicap space, at a local beach. A viewer posted the photo to Facebook, which prompted quite the response from site readers.

WBBH News Director Darrel Lieze Adams responded to the criticism on Facebook saying, “Thank you everyone for letting us know about this situation. I was notified by the person who took the picture over the weekend and am dealing with the employee appropriately.” Read the rest of this entry →


12 2015

Waterman Broadcasting & DirecTV go at it…

Tis the season for monetary p*ssing matches between local TV stations and giant cable/sat providers. This time Waterman Broadcasting and satellite giant DirecTV are going at it. This may impact Fort Myers’ WBBH. Read the statement from WBBH below.


(from The current agreement between WBBH (NBC2) and DirecTV ends at 11:59 p.m. Monday, October 26. So far, we have not been able to reach an agreement for DirecTV to continue carrying our station.

We have been in extensive conversations to reach agreement and have offered multiple extensions.

DirecTV resells our programming, charging you for its service. In order for us to broadcast quality shows, we must be paid a fair rate by DirecTV – a rate that is in line with other pay TV providers. Read the rest of this entry →


10 2015

Blake Burman departs WSVN…

WSVN weekend anchor/reporter Blake Burman has been named as a new correspondent for the Fox Business channel. Burman will be based in Washington, D.C. He starts his new job on April 6.

Burman joined WSVN in 2008, from across the state at Fort Myer’s WBBH as a reporter. In 2011, Burman received a promotion, bumping him up to weekend anchor at the Miami station.


03 2015