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WCTV is taken over by Chick-fil-A cows….

The Monday noon newscast on WCTV sure looked a lot like a blatant advertisement for the fast food chain Chick-fil-A, as the set was swarmed with the chain’s (highly) trademarked cows (video below). WCTV denies that this stunt was an advertisement for the fast food chain. Station News Director Steve Sanders told media bloger Jim Romensko that they “thought it would be fun to have them on the show,” and that it was “not a free advertisement, it’s just a fun moment.” However, this “fun moment” (complete with cows carrying eight signs with the Chick-fil-A logo) was sure to mention that this coming Friday is Chick-Fil-A “Cow Appreciation Day.”

Jim Romensko reminds us that Chick-fil-A has a long history of supporting anti-gay and anti-gay marriage political candidates/legislation. So does this mean that WCTV is supporting Chick-fil-A and their anti-gay agenda? Again, Steve Sanders said no; “we’re not supporting Chick-fil-A – we’re not saying they’re good, bad, or indifferent.”

The noon newscast “cow” video was quickly pulled from the WCTV website, but remains for our enjoyment c/o of our friends at Google.

While we here at Florida News Center try to stay “indifferent” ourselves on the reporting of news stories, this “Cow Appreciation Day” sure looks like an embedded advertisement to us….and an endorsement of Chick-fil-A and therefore what it stands for. Stay tuned for any further developments.      CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO (BELOW) IN THE EVENT THE EMBEDDED VERSION IS TAKEN OFFLINE

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07 2013

WTXL promo sign “video bombs” WCTV live shot…

(from – During a WCTV live shot Friday from the Tallahassee Regional Airport, a promo for rival WTXL flashed on the screen behind reporter James Buechele (picture above; video here).

Buechele was talking about the airport’s potential expansion when the ad in the terminal flipped over to a graphic featuring WTXL anchors Mika Highsmith and Greg Angel. The promo aired twice, both before and after Buechele’s taped package….Cont….(from

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06 2013

WCTV N/D bails for New Orleans…

(edited from – WCTV News Director Triston Sanders has left the Tallahassee station, to become the Assistant ND for WWL-TV in New Orleans, LA. She’s been ND there for just over two years and had served as the EP before that. She first joined the station as an anchor/reporter, had worked for WINK-TV in Ft. Myers, and had interned for WCTV while attending Florida State University. (edited from

So far there is no word on who will replace Sanders at WCTV. Stay tuned to Florida News Center for the latest.



09 2012

Gumbel signs off at WCTV…

(from – For seven years the name Elton Gumbel has gone hand in hand with WCTV Sports. But he’s passing off the baton — taking his final lap — shooting his last shot — and sliding in at home plate.
Today we say goodbye and good luck to our beloved EG.

“We all know that Elton is smart and smooth but what you may not know about Elton is he’s really funny.”
WCTV Anchors and Reporters had a lot to say about Elton….Cont….


07 2012

Gray up in 2Q…

(from – Gray Television released preliminary figures for the second quarter showing revenues will be up about 6%, stripping out dollars from political spending and retransmission consent. Total revenues are projected to increase 24% to $95 million.

The company was helped by about $13 million in political spending as its three Wisconsin stations benefited from special recall elections in the state.

The political dollars sucking up inventory did lead to lesser increases in both local (1%) and national (7%) ad dollars than expected….Cont….

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07 2012