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The FCC tightens media ownership/”sharing” rules…

(from – The Federal Communications Commission voted Monday to crack down on cooperation between broadcasters.

In a contentious vote that attracted scrutiny from Republicans in the agency and on Capitol Hill, the FCC approved an order that will keep broadcast companies from sharing resources on advertising sales.

Under current FCC rules, a single broadcast company cannot own more than one of the top four broadcast stations in a media market.

But prior to the agency’s actions on Monday, a broadcast company could use a Joint Service Agreement (JSA) to control advertising sales across multiple broadcast stations. Critics of this practice said it allowed broadcasters to control multiple stations in practice without technically violating the agency’s ownership rules….Cont….

How could this impact Florida? There are seven markets in Florida where a company owns, manages or has influence on more than one TV station in a market: West Palm Beach (WPTV & WFLX), Jacksonville (WAWS & WTEV, WTLV & WJXX), Pensacola/Mobile (WEAR & WFGX, WPMI & WJTC…soon to be WKRG/WALA/WFNA), Fort Myers (WBBH & WZVN), Tallahassee (WTWC, WTLH, WTLF), and Gainesville/Ocala (WGFL, WMYW, WNBW), Orlando (WOFL & WRBW), Miami (WTVJ & WSCV).


04 2014

Mollye Barrows to leave WEAR…

WEAR-TV/WFGX-TV anchor Mollye Barrows announced that she is leaving the Pensacola station. Barrows started at WEAR/WFGX as an intern in 1996 and worked her way up the the anchor desk, staying with the station for nearly 15 years.

Mollye says on Facebook: I’ve got a big announcement that I realize will come as a surprise to many…I am leaving WEAR. This is not good-bye for good, though! You will see me pop up again…this time taking advantage of an opportunity to have the best of both worlds: a better schedule for my family and a chance to pursue advocacy journalism aimed at making our area a better place to live.

Watch WEAR say good-bye in the video here…



03 2014

WEAR reporter’s car catches fire at live shot…

(from – Just before WEAR reporter Christina Leavenworth went live for a story about a local man making his own snow in the unusually cold Florida temperatures, her 2011 VW Jetta caught fire.

“When I was driving I started to smell some smoke so I started googling what was going on once I pulled over,” said Leavenworth. “Then I saw flames. Tried to put water on it. We quickly called 9-1-1.”….Cont….

Click here for the video from WEAR-TV


01 2014

Lightning strike at WALA causes havoc for all locals…

(from – According to WALA-TV, the broadcast tower on top of their broadcast facility in Mobile was struck by two bolts of lighting during the midday period of Thursday, August 1st, one of which caused a satellite dish on the ground near the tower to rotate.

One of the bolts of lightning also affected the local TV reception center for DirecTV and Dish Network located inside the building and caused the streams of programming broadcast by WALA-TV and other TV stations in the Mobile, Alabama-Pensacola, Florida TV market to be unavailable through their satellite TV systems (engineers began working to restore the reception center by the evening of August 1st)….Cont….

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08 2013

WEAR to produce new newscasts for WFGX…

WEAR-TV announced that it will begin producing a thirty minute newscast for its sister station WFGX-TV. The new newscast, titled and logo’ed under the WEAR brand, will be thirty minutes long, to air week nights at 9:00pm. WFGX will begin airing “Channel 3 News at 9″ on August 12th.

WEAR and WFGX are both owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group and share the same Pensacola studios. Stay tuned for any further details.


07 2013