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Wendy Chioji to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro…

(from – The indefatigable Wendy Chioji is on her latest adventure: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

The former WESH-Channel 2 anchor is on the mountain as I write this Tuesday afternoon.

One of the men on the expedition is wearing a GPS device. “From what we’re seeing, they are currently at an elevation of 8,681 feet,” said Jackie Carlin, executive producer at Bolder Broadcasting in Winter Park. “If you look at his progress, they were at basecamp this morning, at an elevation of 6,578. From what we can gather, it looks like they hiked five hours today and went up 2,000 feet.”

Marc Middleton, the founder of Bolder Broadcasting and a former WESH colleague, is with Chioji. He is filming the climb, and his company will produce a documentary.

Chioji has gone to Tanzania to join others who have beat cancer and their supporters in the Survivor Summit, which benefits the Livestrong Foundation. Dr. Robert Masson of the NeuroSpine Institute in Ocoee is also on the expedition to support his sister, a cancer survivor….Cont….


02 2014

Wendy Chioji talks about her current cancer battle…

(from – The folks at Growing Bolder have shared this revealing clip of Wendy Chioji talking about her latest battle against cancer.

If you never watched Chioji as an anchor on WESH-TV, this video gives a good sense of her indomitable character — and why so many people in Central Florida admire her. “I have the best life. I’m so blessed,” she says.

She went public with her breast cancer while at WESH in 2001. She left the NBC affiliate in 2008, departed the news business and moved to Park City, Utah.

In September she announced that she had thymic carcinoma, a cancer of the thymus gland. She is writing frankly about her life at….Cont….


11 2013

Wendy Chioji returns to WKMG for health specials…

(edited from – You’re going to see more of Wendy Chioji on Orlando television.

She will host a third “Surviving & Thriving” special at 8 p.m. Friday on WKMG-Channel 6 (the first began December of 2012). This time around, Chioji will participate in a lifestream of the show that will allow for a more interactive experience with local viewers and let fans around the country catch the show.

Friday’s show is the third of four “Surviving & Thriving” specials this year, and CBS affiliate WKMG will offer four more next year. Chioji logged 20 years at WESH-Channel 2, Orlando’s NBC affiliate.

The “Surviving & Thriving” programs, about people overcoming health crises, have reunited Chioji with former WESH colleagues Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer….Cont….


09 2013

Wendy Chioji is coming back to Orlando TV…

(from - Former WESH-Channel 2 anchor Wendy Chioji is coming back to Orlando television in a big way later this month. She will start co-anchoring a series of specials on WKMG-Channel 6 that pay tribute to survivors of health crises and personal battles.

The specials will be called “Surviving & Thriving,” and the first will air at 9 p.m. Dec. 21. A new special will air each quarter next year.

Chioji will anchor with WKMG’s Lauren Rowe and Gaard Swanson.

The specials are produced by Bolder Broadcasting, which is behind the syndicated series “Growing Bolder.” Chioji works on that series with her former WESH colleagues Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer. The two men will be correspondents on the “Surviving & Thriving” specials….Cont….


12 2012

WMFE sale challenges former WESH alum…

(from – “Growing Bolder,” a locally produced TV series featuring alumni of WESH-Channel 2, started its second national season last weekend. Former WESH anchor Wendy Chioji has come aboard the program, which airs at 11:30 a.m. Sundays on WMFE-Channel 24.

The series started last season on 20 public television stations and grew to 275, said former WESH anchor Marc Middleton. He founded the Growing Bolder Media Group in Maitland.

The company celebrates life-affirming, age-defying attitudes via radio and a website. But the TV show has been a special success for TV veterans Middleton and Bill Shafer, who can tell longer feature stories on the program….Cont….


04 2011