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Good news for Wendy Chioji…

(edited from – Wendy Chioji taped another WKMG health speacial several weeks ago, just before receiving encouraging news about her own health. Chioji, a breast-cancer survivor, has been battling thymic carcinoma, a cancer of the thymus gland. Last fall, she was accepted in a clinical trials program at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.

“I do have good news,” Chioji said in an email Thursday. “After a big delay because my white blood cells didn’t rebound, I started (and finished) round 2 of Sutent, my clinical trial drug. I had my first CT scan for the trial, and it shows dramatic and significant tumor shrinkage. It’s a better initial result than anyone, including my whole trials team, could imagine. It’s great news.”….Cont….


04 2015

Wendy Chioji in clinical trials for cancer treatment…

(from – Former WESH anchor Wendy Chioji has let friends know, via Facebook, that she has made it into clinical trials at the National Cancer Institute.

“I met with the whole team for more than an hour discussing options (so surprised I have some!) and procedure and timing,” she wrote Wednesday. “For someone with recurrence of a really rare cancer, it was a day of exceptionally good news.”

Chioji, a breast-cancer survivor, in September 2013 disclosed that she was battling thymic carcinoma, a rare cancer of the thymus gland. This past August, she revealed that the cancer was back and said she hoped to make it into a clinical trial.

She wrote hopefully about the latest developments….Cont….


10 2014

It is round two for Wendy Chioji…

Former WESH anchor, and most currently WKMG health special reporter, Wendy Chioji announced yesterday that she is once again facing a battle with cancer.

Chioji, originally faced a battle with breast cancer. In the fall and winter of 2013-14, she underwent chemo and radiation therapies, eliminating the cancer at that time. However, a recent follow-up MRI showed that something has returned.

Chioji stated the following on her blog“There are 4-5 small tumors in my chest wall (could be worse… could be in my lungs. How ironic would that be, for me, ME, to get lung cancer?) that weren’t there in April. I only half-heard him say it then, but now, I vividly remember my Huntsman oncology quarterback, Dr Akerley telling me in October that if the radiation/chemo didn’t kill this cancer, that’s all he had up his sleeve. We were hoping the ghastly treatment would buy me more time, but it didn’t.”

The popular anchor left WESH and TV in 2008, after 20 years at the Orlando station. She came back to local TV in 2013, with special health reports for WKMG.



08 2014

Wendy Chioji to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro…

(from – The indefatigable Wendy Chioji is on her latest adventure: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

The former WESH-Channel 2 anchor is on the mountain as I write this Tuesday afternoon.

One of the men on the expedition is wearing a GPS device. “From what we’re seeing, they are currently at an elevation of 8,681 feet,” said Jackie Carlin, executive producer at Bolder Broadcasting in Winter Park. “If you look at his progress, they were at basecamp this morning, at an elevation of 6,578. From what we can gather, it looks like they hiked five hours today and went up 2,000 feet.”

Marc Middleton, the founder of Bolder Broadcasting and a former WESH colleague, is with Chioji. He is filming the climb, and his company will produce a documentary.

Chioji has gone to Tanzania to join others who have beat cancer and their supporters in the Survivor Summit, which benefits the Livestrong Foundation. Dr. Robert Masson of the NeuroSpine Institute in Ocoee is also on the expedition to support his sister, a cancer survivor….Cont….


02 2014

Wendy Chioji talks about her current cancer battle…

(from – The folks at Growing Bolder have shared this revealing clip of Wendy Chioji talking about her latest battle against cancer.

If you never watched Chioji as an anchor on WESH-TV, this video gives a good sense of her indomitable character — and why so many people in Central Florida admire her. “I have the best life. I’m so blessed,” she says.

She went public with her breast cancer while at WESH in 2001. She left the NBC affiliate in 2008, departed the news business and moved to Park City, Utah.

In September she announced that she had thymic carcinoma, a cancer of the thymus gland. She is writing frankly about her life at….Cont….


11 2013