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The FCC tightens media ownership/”sharing” rules…

(from – The Federal Communications Commission voted Monday to crack down on cooperation between broadcasters.

In a contentious vote that attracted scrutiny from Republicans in the agency and on Capitol Hill, the FCC approved an order that will keep broadcast companies from sharing resources on advertising sales.

Under current FCC rules, a single broadcast company cannot own more than one of the top four broadcast stations in a media market.

But prior to the agency’s actions on Monday, a broadcast company could use a Joint Service Agreement (JSA) to control advertising sales across multiple broadcast stations. Critics of this practice said it allowed broadcasters to control multiple stations in practice without technically violating the agency’s ownership rules….Cont….

How could this impact Florida? There are seven markets in Florida where a company owns, manages or has influence on more than one TV station in a market: West Palm Beach (WPTV & WFLX), Jacksonville (WAWS & WTEV, WTLV & WJXX), Pensacola/Mobile (WEAR & WFGX, WPMI & WJTC…soon to be WKRG/WALA/WFNA), Fort Myers (WBBH & WZVN), Tallahassee (WTWC, WTLH, WTLF), and Gainesville/Ocala (WGFL, WMYW, WNBW), Orlando (WOFL & WRBW), Miami (WTVJ & WSCV).


04 2014

WKRG to get a new set…a hint to the future?

WKRG announced on it’s Facebook page last week, that the Mobile/Pensacola station will be getting a new set. The new set will debut in the next “2 to 3 weeks.”

The current station set is being dismantled and will be donated to local schools.

Last week, Florida News Center told you that a merger deal had been made between Media General (the owners of WKRG) and LIN TV (the owners of WALA and WFNA). WKRG, WALA, and WFNA are all three in the Mobile/Pensacola market. There was been much speculation which of the three stations with be kept by the new “merged” company, to be known as Media General. The fact that WKRG is getting a new set, might be a clue to which station”s” the new company plans to keep. The investment into these new updates at WKRG, might be worth holding onto by the soon-to-be larger Media General.

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for pictures and multimedia of the new changes at WKRG and the future status’ of WKRG, WALA, and WFNA.

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03 2014

WKRG/WALA/WFNA now in play from MG/LIN merger…

(from – Before they can close their proposed $1.6 merger, Media General and LIN Media will have to sell or swap stations in five markets to comply with FCC rules limiting common ownership of more than one station in a market, Media General CEO George Mahoney told securities analysts following the announcement of the mega-deal this morning.

Media General and LIN have overlapping stations in five markets — Providence; Savannah, Ga.; Birmingham, Ala.; Mobile, Ala.; and Green Bay, Wis.

In Mobile, Media General owns WKRG (CBS); LIN owns WALA (Fox) and WFNA (CW).

In Providence, Media General owns WJAR (NBC); LIN owns WPRI (CBS) and operates WNAC (Fox) through a marketing agreement….Cont….


03 2014

Media General/LIN TV to merge…

(edited from - Despite the regulatory turmoil in Washington, Media General (owners of Tampa’s WFLA, and Mobile/Pensacola’s WKRG) and LIN Media (owners of Mobile/Pensacola’s WKRG/WFNA) today pulled off a $1.6 billion merger that they say will result in the nation’s second largest pure-play TV station group by one measure (profit) with 74 stations in 46 markets and coverage of 23% of all TV homes.

Media General shareholders will end up with 64% of the new merged company that will be called Media General and be based in Media General’s Richmond, Va., offices, but LIN President and CEO Vincent Sadusky will retain those titles and run it.

Although current Media General CEO George Mahoney will be out when the merger closes, he was still very much in command on the conference call with securities analysts this morning….Cont….

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03 2014

More news on WALA/WFNA…

(edited from – WALA and WFNA, the Fox and CW affiliates in Mobile, are expanding their weekday morning newscast by an hour beginning January 27.

The current morning newscast runs from 4:30 to 8 a.m., followed by “Studio 10,” a lifestyle and entertainment program. In the new programming lineup, the morning newscast will run from 4:30 to 9 a.m. “Studio 10? will air at 9 a.m. on WALA, replacing “Bethenny,” which will move to WFNA….Continue for full story….

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01 2014

WALA celebrates 60 years on the air…

(from – On Monday, January 14th, the 60th anniversary of WALA-TV’s first day of broadcasting programming on a regular basis was celebrated during “Studio 10″, a local entertainment and lifestyle program produced for WALA-TV and WFNA-TV. The celebration included a montage of photographs of WALA-TV’s history, appearances by Bob Grip, a news presenter for WALA-TV since 1984, John Edd Thompson, a weather reporter for WALA-TV from 1978 to 2009, and Judi Freeman, a baker from Mobile and a regular contributor to cooking segments at WALA-TV….Cont….

Check out some pictures of WALA-TV through the years (CLICK HERE)

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01 2013

Ask for a raise, LIN up in 2Q…

(from – LIN TV Corp. (owners of Mobile/Pensacola’s WALA-TV/WFNA-TV) today reported its second quarter 2011 results that included an increase in net revenues of 5% to $104.1 million, compared to $99.5 million for the second quarter of 2010.

Core local and national advertising sales combined, which excludes political advertising sales, was flat at $89.1 million, compared to $89.3 million for the second quarter of 2010.

Sales in the automotive category, which represented 22% of local and national advertising sales for the quarter, decreased by 8% to $19.1 million, compared to $20.8 million for the second quarter of 2010. The decline in the automotive category was offset in part by recovery in other categories, including restaurants, which increased 11%….Cont….

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07 2011

Cox cable vs. WALA/WFNA…

(from – Still have an antenna lying around? Cox Communications customers may need one Thursday if a new contract is not negotiated between the cable company and owners of WALA-TV before the current one expires.

Sheila Nichols, a vice president of public affairs for Cox in Fort Walton Beach, said the company is working with Lin Media, owner of the Mobile, Ala., Fox station and WFNA-TV (the local CW station), to reach an agreement before the contract expires.

“We are committed to keeping WALA and WFNA on our channel lineup and we’re actively working towards reaching an agreement,” Nichols said. “But we don’t believe … our customers should be burdened with excessive cost for a station’s programming that’s available free over the air.”….Cont….


03 2011