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Laid off WFTS staffer was first with Melania story…

(edited from – Jarrett Hill, a former producer and reporter from Tampa’s WFTS is getting credit for being the first to figure out that Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention sounded oddly familiar.

The Los Angeles Times reports Hill had heard the phrase “… the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams …,” once before. After checking it out, he confirmed his suspicions that Melania was channeling Michelle Obama from the First Lady’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Hill lost his job at WFTS in April 2015. He’s been freelancing in LA ever since.

Florida News Center reported the lay offs back in March of 2015, saying that Scripps had axed WFTS’ Chief Engineer, a manager and several producers, while making other staffers reapply for their jobs. Read the rest of this entry →


07 2016

Mike Mason to WFTX…

(edited from – Mike Mason is coming back to the Fort Myers market. He will once again be working at WFTX.

Mason starts Sunday, May 1. He’s been working as a freelance reporter. Before that, he worked at WGCL – Atlanta, WFTS – Tampa, WLOS – Asheville, and both WBBH and WFTX in Fort Myers…..Cont….


04 2016

Wendy Ryan warns viewers not to delay care…

As Florida News Center reported a week ago, WFTS anchor Wendy Ryan had been taken off of the air due to an infection that started in her eye and spread throughout her body. The lead anchor tells her story in the video below and warns viewers not to delay medical treatment. Ryan notes that if she had waited a few more hours, she could have lost the site in her right eye.


04 2016

The LaGrone’s to depart WPB, headed to Tampa… reports that WPTV reporter Katie LaGrone and her husband, WPBF morning anchor Paul LaGrone are leaving the West Palm Beach market.

The couple are headed to Tampa, where Paul already has an anchor job lined up with WFTS. Katie is in current negotiations with an employer in the same area.

Katie told GossipExtra that they are leaving West Palm Beach because “Paul’s family lives in Tampa and he’s getting a great job.”

Readers of this website might recall that the LaGrone’s were investigated for child neglect by the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office. Read the rest of this entry →


04 2016

Eye infection takes Wendy Ryan off the air…

Viewers of Tampa’s WFTS may have noticed that lead anchor Wendy Ryan has been absent from the Tampa station for the past few days.

Ryan posted on Facebook Wednesday (below left) afternoon that she had a cyst over her right eye and that her doctor had lanced it. By Thursday morning, she was in a local emergency room (below right) where the cyst had ruptured causing an infection. On Thursday afternoon, she provided an update saying that she had been admitted to the hospital and expects to stay through the weekend to fight the infection and an additional 2 abscesses which were found.

She has received an out pouring of support and sympathy from Facebook viewers, with her latest (ER) post racking up 1,300k comments (and counting).

We wish Mrs. Ryan a speedy recovery!    //above photos c/o Ryan’s Facebook page.


03 2016