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Linda Hurtado to depart WFTS…

Florida News Center has learned that WFTS anchor Linda Hurtado is leaving the Tampa station, and television all together. In a press release, the station announced that she is leaving to spend more time with her family. Her last day will be May 29th.

Hurtado posted on Facebook: I want to thank you for inviting me into your home for the past 20 years, trusting me to get the story right and welcoming me when you met me out in the community. I have loved my time working for the E. W. Scripps Company and ABC Action News, working with great friends and accomplished journalists, bringing you stories I hope were relevant and helpful to your lives. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have your support all these years – allowing me to experience some life changing stories that have affected my own life as well as yours.

Right after my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011, I realized I’ve been running hard for many years both personally and professionally – and that, when the right time came, I wanted to take a break and slow down. That time is now. For many reasons.

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05 2015

The Scripps axe swings at WFTS…

The Internet has been a-buzz this week, as rumors circulate about massive lay-offs coming for Scripps owned stations. Well today is the day. is reporting that Scripps stations out west have indeed started to lay off workers at its stations in San Diego, Denver and Phoenix.

However, sources tell Florida News Center that the West Coast stations were not the only ones impacted today. The Scripps axe came down at Tampa’s WFTS this morning. The station’s Chief Engineer, a manager and several producers were let go. Some of those let go were offered other positions at the station and/or at other Scripps stations.

Insiders tell us while just a handful of people were officially let go, many more engineers and production staff are being forced to reapply for their jobs. Now staff are bracing for a second round of lay-offs, after all of these re-applications are being reviewed. Read the rest of this entry →

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03 2015

Wendy Ryan has bugs….

WFTS anchor Wendy Ryan, who is known for her “Dirty Dining” segments on the station, has been fighting some bugs of her very own. Fruit flies have invaded her desk at the Tampa station.

If you cannot find humor in this, there has to be something wrong with you. Every Chinese food restaurant in the Tampa Bay area has to be laughing….. check out the videos below.

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01 2015

Denis Phillips sidelined due to infection….

Readers of this website in the Tampa market have noticed one local news personality missing from their screens lately. WFTS chief meteorologist Denis Phillips has been off of the air at the station for several weeks now.

Insiders tell Florida News Center that Phillips had taken a vacation from the station for the holidays and was due back on the air on Monday January 5th. However, the day before he burned his hand on a lawn mower will mowing his yard. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2015

UPDATE: Wayne Shattuck to leave WFTS…

UPDATE: 01/05/15 -  Sources tell Florida News Center that WFTS has temporarily extended Wayne Shattuck’s contract until May 31′st. The veteran meteorologist will continue to stay on with the station until a replacement can be found.


12/03/14 – Sources tell Florida News Center that weekend and morning meteorologist Wayne Shattuck is leaving Tampa’s WFTS.

The official word is that Shattuck is retiring at the end of the year from the station. However, sources tell Florida News Center that the “retirement” is not voluntary and that Shattuck is being forced out.

So far there is no word on who will take over Shattuck’s position. However, a meteorologist position has been posted online at WFTS. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2015