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Sinclair announces the purchase of five FL stations….

Sinclair Broadcast Group announced on Wednesday that it will purchase eight stations from New Age Media, for $90 million. Five of those stations include WTLH Fox 49 & WTLF CW 24 in Tallahassee and the Gainesville Television News (GTN) group of stations WNBW NBC 9, WGFL CBS 4, & WMYG-LP MyTV 11. The other three stations are WOLF-TV, WOMY-TV, & WSWB-TV in the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton, PA market.

As far as the Florida stations are concerned, to comply with FCC TV ownership rules (HA!), Sinclair will sell the license and assets of WTLH-TV, and WNBW-TV to Cunningham Broadcasting Corp and WTLF-TV to Deerfield Media. All Cunningham and Deerfield stations operate under local media agreements and other arrangements under the umbrella of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

While Sinclair, Cunningham, and Deerfield are all technically separate companies, Cunningham and Deerfield are connected to Sinclair and former Sinclair executives. One might conclude that this might allow the broadcasting giant to skirt the loosely enforced and virtually ignored broadcast ownership laws set forth the the FCC…or so we hear.

While these properties will eventually be divided up between the three new owners mentioned above, the acquisition/sale of these stations markets will now be the 4th and 5th Florida markets where Sinclair owns at least one station, as well as the 3rd and 4th Florida markets where Sinclair Broadcast Group owns or has influence over more than two local stations (a traditional duopoly set-up) in one market and the markets where Sinclair owns at least one station.

  • Four stations in West Palm Beach – (O&O: WPEC-TV, WTVX-TV, WTCN-TV, WWHB-CA)
  • Four stations in Pensacola/Mobile – (O&O: WEAR-TV, WFGX-TV – LMA (Deerfield):WPMI-TV, WJTC-TV)
  • Three stations in Gainesville – (O&O: WGFL-TV, WMYG-LP, LMA (Cunninghma): WNBW-TV)
  • Three stations in Tallahassee – (O&O: WTWC-TV, LMA (Cunningham): WTLH-TV, LMA (Deerfield): WTLF-TV)
  • One station in Tampa – (O&O: WTTA-TV)


So we here at Florida News Center must ask several questions…

  1. What happens to Gainesville Television News? GTN was created in Oct of 2010 and simulcasts a single newscast between its three stations (WGFL, WNBW, WMYG)
  2. Will the acquisition of WTLH and WTFL create an avenue for a shared newscast on WTLH/WTFL and WTWC?
  3. What will happen to the employees at Sinclair’s (Deerfield/Cunningham) new and previously owned stations?

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for the latest…


09 2013

UPDATE: News director resigns from WCJB…

2/4/11 – UPDATE:  Several sources tell Florida News Center that Brett Buell is “stepping down” from his position as news director, after Feb sweeps. Stay tuned.

Rumors are swirling around North Central Florida, that WCJB News Director Brett Buell has resigned from the Gainesville station. This news comes just four months after fellow market stations WGFL/WNFM/WMYG launched competing newscasts on all three stations.

Back in July 2010, Florida News Center was flooded with e-mails about the sudden departure of many long and short term staffers from WCJB. Sources told FNC that morale was completely gone as the station. “No one wants to work for News Director Brett Buell. He’s impossible to work work with. It’s all quantity and no quality.” Another told us that “most of those departing the station, do not even have jobs lined up yet. They can’t even hold on to job-less UF grads.”

No specifics were given about his departure. Stay tuned for further information.


02 2011

More info on GTN…

As Florida News Center reported, almost two weeks ago now, Gainesville Television News (GTN) signed on the air Oct 27th. The Gainesville Sun finally caught on and has more information about the new on air staff at GTN (WGFL/WNFM/WMYG). Read on…

(from – Gainesville Television Network began broadcasting a local newscast Oct. 27.

GTN News airs at 5:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday on WGFL-CBS4; 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on WNBW-NBC9; and 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on WMYG-MY11.

Tambrey Laine and Bryan Latham are the anchors, and the newscast also has Myra Monroe as news director and Joe Girvan as sports director.

GTN News’ stories are produced locally by a Gainesville staff, but its anchors and production duties are based in Iowa through International News Network, a company that helps small-market newscasts air productions typical of major-market newscasts….Cont….


11 2010

Gainesville triopoly debuts “GTN”…

(from - The Gainesville Television Network (GTN) in Gainesville, Fla., (DMA 160), launched local news on Oct. 27.

GTN comprises WGFL (CBS) and WMYG-LP (MNT), owned by New Age Media, and WNBW (NBC), which is owned by MPS Media.

Until now, the market, which is home to the University of Florida, had only the option of watching local news from the ABC affiliate, WCJB, or news from nearby Orlando and Jacksonville markets.

The new GTN News can be seen weekdays at 5:30 and 11 p.m. on WGFL; 6 and 11 p.m. on WNBW and 7 and 10 p.m. on WMYG.

Special segments, with several local celebrities have been added for even more local interest, such as Spice For Life, down-home humor with Patsy Cook; Around Town with Ilene Silverman; and Food For Thought with  local celebrity chef, Burt Gill who will be bringing people information on healthy food choices.

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11 2010

GTN gets closer…

The folks at Gainesville triopoly WGFL/WNBW/WMYG have posted a new video on their website teasing their soon to premiere newscast. The tripoly announced the premiere this past summer, as reported by Florida News Center. The new newscasts will go head to head with private competitor WCJB. Enjoy the promo below (©WGFL/GTN)

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09 2010

Triopoly goes with INN for new newscasts…

Our friends at report that Gainesville triopoly WGFL/WNBW/WMYG has signed a deal with the Independent News Network to produce their local newscasts, entitled “The Gainesville Television Network” (GTN). As Florida News Center first reported a few weeks ago, the Gainesville duopoly announced a new newscast for the market to challenge rival WCJB (who has the only local newscast in the Gainesville market).

The Independent News Network (INN) produces newscasts for several other small market stations from Indiana to Alabama, via the studios of Davenport, IA’s KLJB FOX 18. INN will produce newscasts to air Monday through Friday at 5:30 and 11pm on WGFL, 6pm and 11pm on WNBW and 7pm and 10pm on WMYG. The stories will be gathered by local reporters and videographers and then edited locally in Gainesville. The stories will then be sent to INN for the GTN newscast to be produced and anchored 1,100 miles away in Iowa.

GTN General Manager Todd Senter told that the duopoly decided to partner with INN because of its reputation for seamless news production, without the production mistakes often seen in smaller markets. “At a time when stations around the country are making critical cuts affecting news personnel and production values, we feel our GTN News will be a refreshing alternative for area viewers,” he said.

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07 2010

Changes in Gator country…

Sources tell Florida News Center that staff are bailing out at Gainesville’s WCJB. Two on air reporters, Robert Bradfield (right #1) and Jordan Smith (right #2), are leaving the station. Bradfield is headed to Paducah, KY’s WPSD NBC 6. His last day at the station is July 30th. Smith is headed to Charleston, SC’s WCSC CBS 5. Her last day at the station is July 23rd. Sources also confirm that a producer and photographer are leaving and are not expected to be the last ones out of the door. Stay tuned…

Sources also confirm rumors that Joe Girvan has been hired to anchor/report for the developing news operation at Gainesville triopoly WGFL/WNBW/WMYG. As Florida News Center reported two weeks ago, the triopoly is expected to started broadcasting news on all three stations coming this October. Girvan, as you may remember was let go by Tampa’s cable only Bay News 9 back in January. Girvan is no stranger to Gainesville; he use to work in the sports department at WCJB. Stay tuned..


07 2010

More news for Gainesville/Ocala…

Our friends at add to our story below, that the new newscasts are expected to premiere between Sept 20 and Oct 25. WGFL will air news at 5:30pm, WNBW at 6:00pm and WMYG at 7:00pm. For the late show WMYG will air news at 10:00pm and WGFL/WNBW will air the same newscast at 11:00pm. Stay tuned…

A Florida News Center reader notified us today that Gainesville triopoly WGFL CBS 4, WNBW NBC 9 and WMYG MyTV 11 will start producing a newscast for the Gainesville/Ocala/Lake City market. Currently, WCJB ABC 20 is the only local station the provides news coverage for the market.

(from MyGTN.TV) – You asked and we listened.  Coming this Fall: Gainesville Television Network News! CBS4, NBC9 and MY11 will be bringing you the Gainesville area news that matters most.  

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07 2010