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Lawsuit against WINK settled…

(edited from – A breach-of-contract lawsuit by former local anchor Matthew Dougherty against Fort Myers’ WINK-TV has been settled.

Susan Chana Lask, the lawyer representing Dougherty, said that the case was settled by voluntary dismissal. Court documents show both sides in the case agreed to the dismissal with prejudice.

The original suit, filed Aug. 13, 2015, alleged that WINK news fired Dougherty, 33, on July 27 because he would not destroy notes, video, photos and other information related to a story involving about 100 boxes of patient medical records, including credit card receipts, shot records, Social Security numbers and other detailed patient information found in an auctioned-off storage unit. Read the rest of this entry →


04 2016

Tom Doerr named N/D at WINK… reports that WINK-TV has named Tom Doerr as the Fort Myers station’s new news director.

He comes from WFLD-TV in Chicago, where he resigned from this past February.

He also worked as news director at KRIV in Houston and VP/Manager at WFOR in Miami.


04 2016

WINK Chief Met drops the F-bomb, apologizes…

Last week during breaking weather coverage in the Fort Myers market, WINK-TV chief meteorologist Jim Farrell let the F-bomb fly during a cut-in.

The station was about to go to weather update during morning programming, when the meteorologist, annoyed by staffers talking in the newsroom can be heard whispering “how many times do I have to tell these people, shut the fuck up.”

Unfortunately, viewers could hear the F-bomb as well (check out the video below). Farrell returned to the air an hour later and apologized to viewers for the language, thinking that he was not on the air when it happened.

WINK Chief Met drops the F-bomb during cut-in by flnewscenter


01 2016

WINK Met thinks football trumps tornado warnings…

(edited from – WINK chief meteorologist Jim Farrell had his priorities questioned after criticizing a tornado alert that aired on ABC affiliate WZVN during a Saturday night’s NFL playoff game..

On Facebook, Farrell wrote, “OMG, its a PLAYOFF GAME. Stop telling me that there is NOT a tornado and get me back to the game. This wx alert should have lasted 30 seconds! not 20 minutes!” Read the rest of this entry →


01 2016

WINK tries to block documentary by fired reporter…

(from – Matt Dougherty, a former WINK reporter who is suing the Fort Myers, CBS affiliate for breach of contract, is now being told by parent company Fort Myers Broadcasting Co. he can’t use WINK footage in his reel or an upcoming documentary on his dismissal.

According to Dougherty’s lawyer, FMB has threatened Dougherty with defamation in an attempt to stop production of his Code of Ethics documentary. A trailer for the documentary lives on a website containing links to Dougherty’s past work, some of which is from WINK. Read the rest of this entry →


11 2015