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Gray up in 2Q…

(from – Gray Television released preliminary figures for the second quarter showing revenues will be up about 6%, stripping out dollars from political spending and retransmission consent. Total revenues are projected to increase 24% to $95 million.

The company was helped by about $13 million in political spending as its three Wisconsin stations benefited from special recall elections in the state.

The political dollars sucking up inventory did lead to lesser increases in both local (1%) and national (7%) ad dollars than expected….Cont….

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07 2012

N/D Gavin Maliska is leaving WJHG…

Sources tell Florida News Center that WJHG news director Gavin Maliska announced yesterday that he is leaving the Panama City station. He is headed to an unnamed station in Macon, GA. While unconfirmed, we are guessing that Maliska will replace George Jobin, who left as news director at Macon’s WGXA Fox 24 just two weeks ago (H/T to

Maliska has been at WJHG for just under a year. He joined WJHG in July 2011, replacing then news director Mark Wildman, who was abruptly let go from the station in March 2011.

So far there is no word on who will replace Maliska as news director. Stay tuned to Florida News Center for further details.


06 2012

The 1Q revenue numbers are in…

UPDATE: A settlement has been reached…

10/26/11 – UPDATE – WJHG-TV officials have contacted Florida News Center to set us straight on our story below. Apparently the rumors swirling around the panhandle about a $600k settlement, were (as we reported and expected) just rumors.

Officials tell Florida News Center “that the station settled the case for $40,000, all of which will go to Ms. Craven’s attorneys to cover a portion of their fees and expenses.” However, no further information was given on the allegations contained in the sexual harassment suit.


10/9/11 – Florida News Center has learned that a settlement has been reached in the sexual harassment suit filed by meteorologist Stacey Sawyer (Craven) against her former employer, Panama City’s WJHG-TV and its owner Gray Television. While official court papers, filed back in August, do not disclose the official settlement amount, rumors swirling around the panhandle say that the settlement number is upwards of $600,000 plus (refer to 10/26/11 update above).

As Florida News Center reported back in February 2011, former WJHG morning/noon meteorologist Stacey Sawyer (Craven) alleged that former Chief Meteorologist Jason Kelley (right) sent a full-frontal nude photograph of himself and made multiple suggestive, verbal and physical sexual advances towards her over a two year time period. Legal documentation stated that Sawyer (Craven) complied with Gray’s sexual harassment policy and reported Kelley’s advances multiple times to WJHG-TV management (including  then News Director Tom Lewis, GM Kurt Molander and WCTV-TV GM Nick Waller). The lawsuit further alleged that WJHG-TV/Gray Television subjected her to “unlawful sexual harassment, retaliated against her, and discriminated against her based on her pregnancy,” in the lawsuit submitted to United States District Court.


Stay tuned to Florida News Center for any further details.


10 2011

Gray says it will be up in 2Q…

(from – Gray Television Inc (owners of Tallahassee’s WCTV and Panama City’s WJHG). today announced preliminary results for the three-month period ended June 30 that exceeded the company’s estimates made in May. It will release its actual numbers on Aug. 8.

On a preliminary basis, total revenue is expected to increase $600,000, or 1%, to $76.2 million for the second quarter of 2011 compared to the second quarter of 2010 due primarily to increased local and Internet advertising and retransmission consent revenue, partially offset by decreased national and political advertising revenue….Cont….


08 2011